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Have you ever had a problem actually go away simply by ignoring it?

Asked by lillycoyote (24835points) April 29th, 2011

They say you can’t solve problems simply by ignoring them but I think you can sometimes. A big plastic trash bag was blown up into the top of the tallest tree in my yard. I wasn’t going to hire a tree service to get it out so I just ignored it as best I could. That was pretty hard sometimes because when there was a heavy wind the bag made this loud, annoying flapping noise that was hard to ignore, but the bag slowly disintegrated over the last two years and now there is just one tiny piece stuck up there that should be gone shortly.

Have you ever had a problem that went away just by ignoring it?

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A. Call me next time there is a tree-climbing challenge. I love it!

B. Not that I can recall – trouble never goes away by itself – and usually invites friends over – until you deal with the problem.

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My problematic desire of sleeping with a woman whom I’m not suppose to be in bed with. Ignoring the alluring sensation of such an act works. until the next hard on comes at least

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Any number of mystery aches and twinges that go away on their own.

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Have you ever had a problem go away but you didn’t even know it was there? Is it possible that you are ignoring problems that you don’t even know exist? How do you or I define ignore? Is this something that you actively do? If so, is it even possible to actively ignore anything? Does that not seem like two opposite words? Is not the meaning of ignore to passively be in an unaware state? Do you ignore problems that you don’t even know exist? How can you ignore something if you don’t know what it is you are trying to ignore?

There are many, many problems that we are ignorant of each and every day. And that alone may be both blissful and, at the same time, unnerving (if one starts to look for and eventually finds those problems).

Another way of looking at this would be how you view a certain problem. What may seem problematic to you might seem overwhelmingly delightful to another. Perhaps solving a problem only requires a different perspective.

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I’m trying to think of an example besides what @Nullo gave. I think sometimes they do go away, because sometimes we blow problems out of proportion, and in time they don’t matter anymore, or never really should have mattered.

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When the problem was people who were obnoxious, I ignored them, and they returned the compliment. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.

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Yes I have, I subscribe to the “Dorothy method” when life gets scary or troublesome. Yes, I close my eyes tap my heels together & say “there’s no place like home.” On opening my eyes…..poof, any problems have magically melted away. Marvellous really, a real tonic :¬)

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haha, good story.
Yes problems can go away by ignoring them. I think many of our psychological issues in this age are due to focusing too much on our problems. Some things ‘Just are’ and our stressing wont change the order of things.

(Ignoring problems also seems to be a tactic that most successful politicians use too, proof is in the pudding… or not?)

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Sure. The circumstances that cause problems can change making the problem disappear. It is not, however, the recommended way to deal with a problem that is bothering you.

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Yes. It’s trivial but in my early 20’s, I would get breakouts of tiny warts on a few fingers when I became super stressed out. When the stressed passed or I ignored my fingers then the little warts cleared up and have never come back.

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A bag in a tree is not a problem. It may be a nuisance, but far from a problem.
If it REALLY is a problem, it will not simply go away. I will get bigger.

If it is something that appears like a problem and really is not a problem, you can ignore it and it will got find someone else to bug.

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@blueiiznh I disagree. There is a fine line between a problem and a nuisance. Each of us always draws the line between the two for ourselves, as it should be.

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@lillycoyote i agree that it is all subjective…

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And @blueiiznh there is also the issue of both you and @admackbar whoever he or she may be, taking this question way too seriously. Don’t think for a minute that I have not seen my fair share, maybe be more than my fair share, of problems. I can assure you that I more than know the difference between real problems and nuisances.

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@lillycoyote I apologize for taking your question seriously if it was not intended to be. Just because it was a social question does not make it obvious to me or most others here that it was. I won’t do that again.
I also have no way of knowing, nor can I assume anything about a persons share or fair share of problems. I answered the question on face value.
I still stand on my original answer. I will modify it to ensure it only states opinion as that is all it can be…..“A bag in a tree is not a problem to me”

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@blueiiznh I apologize too. I just figured that the problem in question, that a plastic garbage bag was stuck in one of my trees would have been enough to indicate that I was not talking about making real, serious problems go away simply by ignoring them. It was kind of a joke. It just seemed obvious to me that a plastic garbage bag stuck in one’s tree is really of such minor consequence that it would be obvious that it was a joke. I’m sorry that wasn’t clear. On the internet things can lose a lot in translation, it seems.

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@lillycoyote no harm, no foul, no worries.

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@blueiiznh Thanks, my new friend. Once you get to know me you will know when I am serious, when I am kidding and when I am just being a big ass fool and just generally being a nitwit and an idiot :-)

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In theory, an ugly stock market would go away if everybody pretended that it wasn’t ugly, and just traded normally.

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