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What is a good, cool gift to get for someone at the office?

Asked by judochop (16114points) April 22nd, 2008

I am buying a gift for a friend at the office. I do not know her style very well and I have never been inside of her house. We work out of two different areas and talk on the phone alot. What is something creative and cool that I can grab to send to her? Price is not really an issue so be creative and post a link or two if you got it.

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Get her a betta fish to sit in the office. It’s kind of a neat gift and she can keep it at work and think of you whenever she looks at it ;).

They’re cheap and easy to take care of.

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Jello encapsulated swingline stapler.

@adrian, betta fish bowls are so inhumane. They do require a lot of upkeep, just as much as any other fish. All that shit about them living off the plant and the plant living off them are lies. They need real food, and a real aquarium.

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@Breefield thanks for the info, it seems I have a little more research to do on betta fish!

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I know this is off subject my friend but there is nothing inhuman about a Beta bowl.

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gift card

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The fish are cramped, I’m not like…super opinionated on this one, but it’s just something I’ve read up on. They need more than a plant and 42 oz of water :p

No worries though, I was just trying to inform, but I don’t know everything about bettas either, so…haha
You could get him starbuck’s mochas, the cold kind. Does your office have a mini fridge?

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I’m with breefield here….fish should be given their space and besides keeping fish in the office doesn’t seem like a great idea, aside from the the fact you’re not always there to feed them and clean the bowl…..I find fish bowls have a distinct smell that might not be appropriate for the office.

Why not a personalised mug? She can use that at home or in the office and if it’s got a personalised message…’s that much more special.

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Kidney failure is common, as well, and they get really gross looking as their body fills up with fluid. See?

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think gift for home in the price ranges of 100–300$$

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iPod Touch?

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If you don’t know what her taste in decorating her home is, why not give her a gift certificate for a day at a spa? I did that for a co-worker, and she loved it. We did side by side massages so we could talk while getting pampered. It was a fun day for both of us, and a great tension reliever.

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Maybe one of these to put on her desk.

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Clearly, she needs a Tengu!

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@blue- good call! That thing looks radical.

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Definitely! It’s cute.. =].. and makes me smile.

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@blue, that thing is the coolest.

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I’m glad you like the suggestion, folks! :) I bought one for a friend off of I think it is slightly cheaper to order it from there as opposed to the Tengu site. YouTube has some fun videos of Tengus in action as well.

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