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I want to trim my eyelashes but my girlfriend is begging me not to, ideas?

Asked by YoKoolAid (2424points) April 30th, 2011

In my eyes, long eyelashes on a guy aren’t that high on the list of attractive features…but that’s just me. Anyway, mine are very long and my point of view is: they make it difficult to put in my contacts, and when i’m wearing glasses, they brush up against the lenses and are annoying.

My g/f’s response is “No!” and “They won’t grow back!” and to just wear my glasses lower. What do you guys think?

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They will grow back. Keep them trimmed.

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Maybe she wants to be able the question below this one…

“What do you see when you look in the eyes of your S/O…”

I’m just saying…

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What? Leave them alone. Long eyelashes are sexy on anyone. My husband has gorgeous, long, dark eyelashes. I’m envious and in lust.

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How would you like it if she cut hers??

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Long eyelashes are sexy. But if you want to cut them because they are bothering you, you should. I wish I had this problem

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@noelleptc I tried to get her to do it but she refuses. I know if she does it she’ll take off the bare minimum (which is what I want) but she won’t have anything to do with it. I told her, then I’ll have to do it myself and risk taking off more than I should, but she still wont.

@lemming I wouldn’t like it, but she has no need to. I feel the need to trim. She has perfect vision and doesn’t know the burden of wearing glasses/contacts.

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Call your eye doctor. I’m sure they’ve heard of this before and they can tell you the best course of action.

In any event, be careful. You know what they say: It’s always fun and games until someone loses an eye!!

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Long eyelashes are beautiful, my vote is not to cut them. But, if you really want to, they will definitely grow back. Be really careful cutting, you might ask someone to do it for you.

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@JLeslie Exactly! I want her to do it so I don’t take too much off. It’s not like I hate my long eyelashes, they’re just getting in the way. and i told her they’d grow back, but she doesn’t believe me. Idk, maybe i’ll get my mom to do it or something.

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@YoKoolAid Ya ok, I agree, you should try and get her to do it for you. It’s no biggy.

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They will grow back. We shed eyelashes a lot and they fully replace themselves over a matter of time. But I vote for not doing it. Eye lashes are tapered a the end. If you cut them they will be blunt and it will look much weirder than you think.

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Simply to make some deals with your girlfriend, then you can get trimmed and she can get something as fair agreement?

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While they do grow back, they grow back shorter. I had the same problem, my lashes hit the lenses of my sunglasses when I was a lifeguard. I have since learned, a different pair of glasses (change in the little plastic bridge pieces) can make all the difference—don’t cut them!

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I adore long eyelashes. They’re incredibly attractive on both guys and girls to me. Either way, be careful.

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My daughter has very long and curly lashes. Even without the annoyance of contacts or glasses, she finds that those closest to her nose have to be tweezed periodically to avoid some kind of irritation(tickling her eyeballs, I think.)

Cut one or two where they won’t be noticed and see whether they grow back.

Years ago, I singed my both my eyebrows and lashes when I turned on the gas burner and then lit the match. A nasty sheet of flame erupted from the old-fashioned broiler. I wore false eyelashes for a while (to prevent the second-degree from my mother) and happily, everything grew back.

During chemo after breast cancer surgery, all (all) my hair fell out. Every hair did grow back, I can report.

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We all lurve you the way you are….leave them alone.
Sam Donaldson like Eyebrows are a different story

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Long eyelashes are an attractive feature on guys!

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@YoKoolAid I am not very worried about you taking too much off, I am worried about you poking you eye with a scissor. If you do it by looking in a mirror you are likely to really screw it up. Someone must do it for you. Go to a waxing place, pay $10 and let them trim them if you are hell bent on the idea.

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