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Do you pay as much attention to good news as you do to bad?

Asked by wundayatta (58738points) April 30th, 2011

It seems like a lot of people call for more coverage of good news, and yet it seems like it is still bad news that captures attention. Is that true? Why or why not? Which are you, personally, more interested in?

Is it harder to tell an interesting good news story than a bad one? Why would good be so much less interesting than bad?

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Yes I do. If the story is about abuse of any kind, women, kids, animals, I can’t read it now. There was a story in my local news a few years ago about a guy that I had gone to grade school with that supposedly raped his young daughter and was convicted of this crime. I never believed this guy did this crime. Not because I new him in grade school, but because of the story. It just didn’t fit anything a father would do. Today, the paper had a story that the guy has been exonerated of the crime. That is a truly good story.

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My opinion is we like good news, but we all have our own difficulties that still weigh us down in our own lives. With bad news we can be grateful it has not happened to us, or be empathetic and reach out to others. We also gain a realization our lives may not be that bad.

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I do not watch the TV news for the very reason it is mostly filled with bad news or sensationalistic journalism.
I read the news I need and want to and it is more sided on good than bad for the most part.

I follow the news that either has some effect on me or stories that matter to me.

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Yes, I prefer it, and try to skip over the bad news.

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But have you ever thought that most people will remember the bad news and never remember the good news?

This happens a lot in law enforcement.

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Definitely. There is so much bad news that when a truly heartwarming story comes along, I love to hear it. Neighbors helping neighborsm strangers stepping in to rescue someone, people returning wallets full of money with everything still inside, intact. That’s not to say that the media should shield us from the bad. THey have a legitimate job to do. But it does help to remember that there is a tremendouns amount of good out there. For every road-rage story we hear about, there are hundreds of people who kept their cool after being cut off in traffic, and just wished the reckless driver safe passage till they come to their senses.

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I used to think that too much emphasis was placed on bad news, and not enough on the good. My perception has changed in the last few days, however, mainly do to the fact that I feel like not enough emphasis was put on the tragedy in the south, where so many lost their lives in the tornadoes…

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Yes. I don’t seek out one over the other but I don’t avoid or reject bad news or avoid or reject good news. There is always some, if not more than enough, of one or the other to be found in the world.

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I can’t afford to pay attention to much really.

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Yups. Though, I subscribe to news that I specifically like. Huffpost, Yanko Design, Tech Crunch, Gizmodo, Engadget and etc.

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I pay attention to all news. Unfortunately most of it is celebrity, what Kate’s wedding dress will look like and natural disasters. :/

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I don’t watch local news much at all, good or bad. I don’t really care about everyday nothing around town.

I don’t want to hear about a murder or other horrible criminal behavior, unless the culprit is on the loose making his way towards my town.

I like to have a general sense of what is going on around the world, good and bad, and I do want to know about the natural disasters, but not hours and days on end, unless the people affected still need immediate help. I like that we cover the royal wedding, doesn’t happen often afterall.

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Since the bad news is so prevelant and the first thing you see and hear, and whereas you have to dig deep for the good news, I tend to pay more attention to the bad news.

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