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What to buy as a present?

Asked by fluther28 (17points) May 1st, 2011

I am English and my boyfriend is Thai/Indian. His Parents are coming over to meet me for the first does anyone have any ideas what i could get them? They are not keen on the idea of him dating a non Hindu, so I dont want to go overboard so it seems like I am trying to buy their affection. Thanks

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English made textiles, if you can get them. Something in English Linen perhaps? Easy to pack to bring home and an elegant item for them to display in their home back in India.

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Oh, and I had an Indian friend visit me and he absolutely loved this brand of tea from the UK.. it’s not tea as such, but granules added to hot water that were highly flavoured. It was yummy. I can’t think of the brand just now…...

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I am not understanding why you need to buy them anything. If you were going to their house (say, for dinner) I could see bringing some food or a hostess gift. However, if they are coming for the sole purpose of meeting you, I think it does look like you are trying to buy their affection if you give them a gift just for that. It’s nice, but…..

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I can answer this question in reverse. When a friend’s mother visited from India, she gave me a statue of an owl as a gift, and explained that Laxmi, the Hindu goddess of money and wealth, rides on an owl. Having a white owl in the home is a good luck omen relating to money coming into the house.

I would pick something small, that has local significance. It is a gesture of friendship.

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I would get some of your favorite teas and a pretty pair of English tea cups to go with. Who doesn’t like a good cup of tea?

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A gift basket of English foods and treats would be nice.

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His parents are coming to you. There is no need to buy them anything.

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I think having a small gift for them is very nice, as long as there is an assumption they will likely bring you something. It might be awkward if they receive a gift and then feel badly they did not think ot bring a gift. Here is a link about gift giving in India. I would bounce any ideas, or assumptions about tradition offof our boyfriend to confirm it is true for his family.

English teas, or something else local to your area sounds like a great idea. Make sure they will be able to travel internationally with whatever you buy them, and that it is not very bulky.

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Will they be staying with you (if you and he live together)? If yes then have flowers for their room, greeting card of welcome, a goody basket with munchies, nice soaps and house sandals/slippers for them to put on.

If they will be staying with him or at a motel/hotel then have fresh flowers delivered along with a card of welcome and maybe nice bathrobes if you can afford them. If not then make up a goody basket to take them or present them when they see you face to face, something they can enjoy when they are alone and maybe talking about you and your guy :)

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