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Why do some people want to cuddle after sex some don't?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22528points) May 1st, 2011

Is this dependent on whom we just had sex with or it just does not matter?

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For some the urge to have sex is more biological than emotional.

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Some like to bask in the after-glow without distraction from the other person. Some like to keep that after-glow going by snuggling hoping to keep that feeling of closeness alive.

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I think once the sexual release is over and the tension is no longer present, people feel further bonded by hugging and cuddling and relaxing together.

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I think that those who don’t cuddle are just selfish.

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@marinelife not selfish really. No…not all the time…I get really hot and feel kind of sticky and I’m so tired anyway I just want to roll over and sleep!!
That said, there isn’t really a rule so to speak. I mean, sometimes the dynamics of the act takes you to cuddleling, sometimes not. It also depends on who, when and where you are. The emotional state you are in varies too. When I was younger, I think I wanted to cuddle more.

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Who wants to cuddle when you’re trying to recover?Besides,somebody’s got to go get the ladder….;)

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Cuddling is the best after a good romp and let’s you catch your breath for round 3! ;)

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Lots of different possibilities. If there is regret afterwards, probably no cuddling. If the people don’t know each other well, another big possibilitiy no cuddling. If people don’t enjoy being hot, and they are already heated from the sexual act, they may want their breathing space and to cool down. If they had sex right before going to sleep, and they have a special sleeping position, they may want to get right to their sleeping position. All sorts of reasons for not cuddling.

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@marinelife not selfish, sometimes just too damn warm

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Sarcasm on


Well, because some people are equipped with two X chromosomes and some with an X and A Y chromosome… ;)

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Everybody is different. I’m a cuddler.

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Or some are really tired and I mean really tired after sex and they just fall on their backs and fall asleep. [ wich is NORMAL ]]

Not to mention that it mostly depends on how tired you were before doing it. Some don’t even mention the fact that the partner doesn’t respond to a cuddle ^^

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We are both cuddlers, but sometimes it is too hot. We usually have some part of us touching though, even if it’s just holding hands or our feet or something. Mostly though, we cuddle.

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I love the cuddles after, even though we both hot and sweaty, makes it nicer when he slides off :-)

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