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Fluther Roll-Call - May 1, 2011...

Asked by AmWiser (14932points) May 1st, 2011

Winter has finally shed it’s coat;
Time to till those gardens and get out the boat.
Fluther has gone through some changes too, be they good, bad or indifferent.
So for those here, old and new,
Check in with a hoo d’ hoo!

Think of this as a Fluther “Hello Day”, where all most a lot of the Jellies roaming the Fluther site check in and say hello.

Who’s here?
Who’s not?
Who’s just passing through?
Who’s Lurking?

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Present! Happy May Day! beautiful one too!

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Hooray, Hooray!
The First of May!
Outside screwing starts today!
Severe travel fatigue going on, here, no filters…

AmWiser's avatar

@Cruiser, yes it is.
@JilltheTooth, LOL! I guess that means what I think it means!

JilltheTooth's avatar

Well, I wasn’t talking about basic home repairs!

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Hey, y’all!

jrpowell's avatar

I’m trying to make a poor mans Real Doll out of a hew hundred CapriSun pouches.

laineybug's avatar

Hi people!

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@johnpowell that sounds like it could be uncomfortable.

jrpowell's avatar

@Lightlyseared :: It is. I’m looking for the box of flannel shirts from my Nirvana days in high school. I think it will work once I start adding flannel and hot glue.

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Here, FWIW.

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Just popped in to see what’s afoot. Hello Jelly-World!

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I am here still hanging’ in despite my move and living among towers of boxes.

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Here! raising hand

6:41 a.m. on the west coast, 1st cup of coffee and still de-fogging. A beautiful day on the horizon, and…our local river cafe opened for the season with a reggae band last night on their outdoor patio! Summer fun is coming!

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Here, watching it rain, again.

dxs's avatar

…I’m here…

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Here <cough cough> not feeling well… woke up bitchier than usual.

I’ve been lurking for the past couple of weeks. Haven’t been in the mood to post much of anything.

Seaofclouds's avatar

I’m still around. :)

KateTheGreat's avatar

Hello everyone! Happy May! May it be the best for you all.

Pandora's avatar

Here today. Never know what tomorrow will bring.
@Cruiser Mothers day is next week. Did someone trick you into an early gift? ;D

chyna's avatar

@Pandora He said happy May day, not mothers day. I misread it the first time too.

Cruiser's avatar

@Pandora with the little sleep I have had as of late….you stand a good chance of tricking me into most anything! XD

Pandora's avatar

LOL, I guess I’m still sleepy. However I found out it is Mothers Day in the following countries.
Austria, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Taiwan, Hungary, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, so he would’ve been right.
@Cruiser I’m with you there. As it happens I started to write this line @Pandora , I was writting to myself.

Joker94's avatar

Present! :D Happy May everyone!

gondwanalon's avatar

This isn’t me…I’m someone else. Wait a few minutes and I’ll change again.

tinyfaery's avatar

I’m still around, but not posting much.

MilkyWay's avatar

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HAPPY MAY DAY EVERYONE!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Do you believe me when I say I am here?

tedibear's avatar

@tinyfaery , yes, and I wish you would post more. I miss reading what you write.

faye's avatar

Yes, here, and snow is finally melted from my front yard! Spent yesterday in my little grow op room. All my seedlings are robust!!

TexasDude's avatar

I’m here, but I won’t be around much for the next week or so. I’ve got a Nazi Germany paper to write tonight, a Pop Art paper to write tomorrow, a World Civ paper to write the next day, and a Surrealism paper to write after that. Wish me luck.

MilkyWay's avatar

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Good luck. As far as I know, if anyone can ace a historical paper, it’s you ;)

Ladymia69's avatar

DON’T PANIC! I am here, muthas!

muppetish's avatar

Drifting in and out of Fluther as academics demand.

Dutchess_III's avatar

President!! Remember how funny that was in elementary school??!

Berserker's avatar

Greetings yo,
Here I be,
Here I stand a lo!
Everyone is here I see!

I haunt you all, within these walls,
I swear too much, but I communicate as such,
I drink from Spring to Fall, and I’m here being an emo about it lawl

Present and accounted for, on a fair maiden’s skin I am Fluther’s infected sore,
Chatting with friends while I should be studying for exams,
Instead I bust in through doors with a chainsaw, carving my lore fresh and raw, forevermore!

I mean uh, sup foos.

sakura's avatar

All present and correct (just)

syz's avatar

In and out. Busy and productive weekend.

shego's avatar

Here, here I am!

Kardamom's avatar

Kardamom is reporting for duty. Got my finger on the “recipes” button, just waiting for requests.

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar


I don’t have a rhyme.

Dutchess_III's avatar

Here I am, present
This I do not resent.

AstroChuck's avatar

Shhh. I’m trying to watch the game.

Coloma's avatar

12:51 now and here I am again, in & out in my yard. It is the most PERFECT spring day, 70’s and breezy. I might just go throw down a blanket in the grass and take another catnap. lol

Dutchess_III's avatar

@Coloma It’s cold and rainy and miserable here so BE QUIET!! @AstroChuck is trying to watch the game!

tinyfaery's avatar

@tedibear Aww. That’s nice.

Hawaii_Jake's avatar

Am I here or am I there? Hmm. I’m somewhere.

tranquilsea's avatar

Present and accounted for in all my gimpy glory.

Mariah's avatar

I’m sort of here! I don’t boot up my computer much lately but get on with my phone. Replies are hard to type out on my phone, so I’ve been a bit lurkier than usual. I also owe a few people replies to PMs.

Jude's avatar

Here! Just watching geeky science shows with my lady.

Jeruba's avatar

Here. I donned my May Day garland last night in honor of the occasion.

@JilltheTooth, my husband’s version of that venerable rhyme uses the phrase “hedgerow tupping” instead.

LuckyGuy's avatar

I’m here. My report is done. I’m thinkin’ it is going to be a great day tomorrow.

Dutchess_III's avatar

That’s the third time this week @Michael_Huntington. We’re calling your mother.

Michael_Huntington's avatar

But this week didn’t even start yet! What the fuck!

Michael_Huntington's avatar

Oh yeah, @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard good luck on those papers. Write the shit out of those papers.

SavoirFaire's avatar

Present and procrastinating as usual!

Jeruba's avatar

What are you ducking, @SavoirFaire?

zenvelo's avatar

It’s a beautiful day here in the Bay Area, finally checking in!

SavoirFaire's avatar

@Jeruba Paper writing. Soon, though, it will be grading.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

I’m here! Who wants some chocolate?

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

<throws Dutchy some chocolate>

ddude1116's avatar

Here I am, fashionably late as always unintentional.

Dutchess_III's avatar

Snap! Got it! Thanks!

Bellatrix's avatar

I’m here but I don’t know if it’s still the 1 May where you are.

Dutchess_III's avatar

Is here in Kansas. Assuming that’s what it was when I got up this morning….

AmWiser's avatar

@Bellatrix yep, it’s still May 1 here.

Bellatrix's avatar

It’s the 2nd May here now. Another public holiday though :D

aprilsimnel's avatar

@Bellatrix – Yay, Bank holiday! It stinks that the US doesn’t have this tradition.

Dog's avatar

I stopped by for some beer, cheescake and to watch the game with @AstroChuck. I have taken a LOA from modding to care for my sick mom and was hired into a dream job which has curtailed my Fluther time greatly. Scoot over AC- What is the score?

AmWiser's avatar

Hey @Dog, sorry to hear about your Mom and I do hope she feels better soon. Happy for you on your new job.

DrBill's avatar

It’s still the first here

Tropical_Willie's avatar

Yes, I’m here.

Raven_Rising's avatar

Browsing through right now…. I’m afraid I’m not feeling particularly hale and hearty… sniffle, sniffle…damn cold

rooeytoo's avatar

It is the 5:30 pm on the 2nd but I thought I would check in anyhow!

G’day mates, how is everyone goin???

augustlan's avatar

Sorry I’m late! Here. :)

picante's avatar

Very late—didn’t log in yesterday. But now I’m present and accounted for.

Dutchess_III's avatar

@Dog Congo Rats on the job! What is it?

Buttonstc's avatar

To be or not to be? That is the question.

W. Shakespeare

Berserker's avatar

’‘Holds up a skull.’’

Skull: Dang mang, who da mang? I be da mang, dang.

Berserker's avatar

Blame the skull, not me, a-OW! Fuckin bitch ass skull just bit me!

Dog's avatar

@Dutchess_III I am a staff writer and occasional artist for a high ranking web site.
@Symbeline Ever play “Planescape Torment”?

Berserker's avatar

No. Does it have talking skulls?

Dog's avatar

@Symbeline Yes it does. Morte. You really NEED to play it. It is old but a goth classic. My all time favorite.

Dutchess_III's avatar

Cinco De Mayo ya’ll! I ate three tacos today. And you?

laineybug's avatar

I learned in Spanish class last year that Cinco De Mayo actually isn’t really important, so I didn’t do anything for it.

JLeslie's avatar

@laineybug You’re right. Mexicans think it is funny America makes a big deal about it. Americans somehow decided it is Mexican Independence Day, like our July 4th, but it isn’t, it is just the day the Mexicans won a battle against the French in Puebla. This is a lesson in how history can be told, believed to be a truth, and can be totally incorrect. An umbrella of belief that once many people begin to accept something, it is hard to change what they think. As you get older you will see this is true about so many things. What people believe about science, food, health, everything. Even on TV and in the media I have seen people reporting it is Mexican Independence Day.

Raven_Rising's avatar

I always celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Then again, May 5th is my wedding anniversary :)

jasonwiese55's avatar

@Raven_Rising Thank you. Ravens and crows tie for my favorite animals, so your welcome is especially meaningful to me. Also, the poem is nice.

Bellatrix's avatar

@jasonwiese55 Welcome to Fluther. We were all new once.

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