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First-year Macroeconomics question: see details?

Asked by adr (434points) May 1st, 2011

93. Consider the following information on an economy (in billion dollars):
GNP 340
Private Consumption 150
Public Consumption 90
Export 120
Transfer payments 20
Import 170
Depreciation 40
Taxes 60

(A) Private savings =90, disposable income =260 and Net import =50;
(B) Net investment =110, Private savings = 110, disposable income = 260
(C) Net Investment =150, disposable income = 260 Savings=110;
(D) Net domestic investment =110, disposable income =240, private savings =110
(E) None of the above

Can someone explain HOW to get the answer please

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This is solved by going back and revisiting the basic definitions and concepts of macroeconomics.

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Thank you, that helped. But I’m still not sure how to calculate the net investment from the given figures.

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@adr :: You can’t figure it from the info given. Econ is a mindfuck like that.

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ok. I’ve two more questions, then I’m done the section. I can’t get them from that website @BarnacleBill gave me. Any help would be GREAT

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