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What can I use to get a darker tan?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) May 1st, 2011

I am so white that you can use me as a flashlight in a dark forest. I’m being compared to things like Macaulay Culkin, Edward Cullen and marshmallows. What can I use that will make me tan quickly? I tanned outside for an hour and got some pretty decent color by putting olive oil on my skin. Are there any other alternatives out there?

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Have you tried a spray on tan? They generally only last a week, but if you go to a tanning bed place, most of them offer spray tans.
If you only want a tan from out in the sun, it will take time. Use a spf 15 or higher and tan a little each day. Maybe a half hour each side.

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Have you ever used a tanning lotion? I use Body Drench Daily Replenish for light skin tones and love it. It tans evenly and FAST. I just put it on every night before bed, let it sit and dry completely, go to bed and the next morning, I swear, I was tan. Let me tell you, I am pale (Live in Minnesota, not so much warmth and sun yet) and I look like I’ve been in Cancun all winter.

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Add iodine to your suntan lotion here are the instructions It is a take on the old way when we used to add iodine to baby oil but his is a safer method. The iodine adds a desired brown color to your body slowly as you add the lotion making you look tan while you are tanning.

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All of the spay-on suggestions are much safer than real tanning, presuming you don’t want skin cancer in later life.

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I’ve heard diet heavily influences your ability to resist sunburns and to tan. Eat a balanced, natural diet.

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While I understand that you desire a tan, please don’t anything unsafe for mere darker sin. I would say spray on tan may be the safest option but I doubt it looks natural. Tanning booths do not produce a natural tan and the sun will just burn you if you don’t tan well.

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Tanning is dangerous. You’re a Russian. Don’t sweat the light skin. I’m sure you look fine.

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I know it’s dangerous, but I feel self-conscious with very white skin. :(

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And I don’t want to do spray tans. They make me look like a Cheez Doodle.

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@KatetheGreat Nothing wrong with being pale. That is just the way you were born. Some of the hottest women I know are fair skin. Some are really pale.

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If you do the iodine in a high spf suntan lotion you will be getting a tan slow but not burning which is the key to trying to avoid skin cancer. Just don’t do anything crazy tan slowly before you know it you will be nice and tan. Slow and steady sun exposure is better than all at once because you risk burning. You are also asorbing vitimin D naturally which as a society we have become deficient on. Vitimin D help aides in asorbing calcium which is great for your bones.

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@Mikewlf337 Catherine Zetta Jones being one of those along with Gweneth Paltrow and Clair Dane.

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@Mikewlf337 I know. Thanks for the comfort!

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Don’t forget Cindi Lauper !

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Argan oil will do it

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MY skin is v. white too and I generally stay out of the sun, use super high SPF (50+!!) or cover up because otherwise I burn and damage my skin.

What about the self tan lotions that are diluted by moisuriser? Not sure what brands are in US but in UK they’re called things like Olay Touch of Sun, Johnson’s Holiday Skin. etc. They just give you a bit of colour but you do still get that self tan skin smell.

Don’t forget the SPF though as well

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In related news, some studies suggest that some sunscreens actually increase cancer rates.

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