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What are some companies out there that persuade the public to buy their product in at least three different ways?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) May 1st, 2011

It is for a school assignment and I could not come up with a company that I wanted to do research about so I’m asking for your opinions and suggestions.

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Do you mean in addition to advertising?

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Kashi is a pretty good company that sells healthy cereals, crackers and frozen meals and meal replacement bars. They have TV commercials that talk about the product, they often send free samples to us either in the mail or packed in with the newspaper, and they do product demos inside grocery stores. You can check out Kashi here

P.S. Their food is very tasty too!

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Yeah in addition to advertising, so for example “social proof” or other types of techniques.

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Geico® has over three different commercial schemes, if that’s what you’re talking about. McDonalds has had many in history. Try looking for a timeline of their different ad schemes. I would talk about beer companies, but it’s for a school so I guess I won’t.

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How about starting with a product or service that appeals to a variety of people? For example, the hotel chain that I worked for would come up with ad campaigns that were designed to target specific customer types. While essentially the same ad, the setting, actors and amenities used were tweaked to attract male business travelers, female business travelers, and those traveling for leisure.

The company then ran the customized ads on/in television channels and magazines that the targeted audiences used. They also created one that was a bit more cheeky, and this one was run on internet sites frequently used by a younger age group.

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I suppose any insurance co. will use some type of fear to sell policies, as well as drug makers.

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McDonalds, they put their name on everything that is related to children…. They have the Ronald McDonald House and when you volunteer for them your given McDonalds food, They also do sponsorships, like when you watch an ice skating event. Also think of the McDonald toys they have, that is all a chance for marketing and branding.

You can say the same for Bank of Amercia its all about branding not only advertisments they will make sure if they are a sponsor for anything their banner is appropiately displayed.. They have associates do volunteer work which wear their Red T-Shirts with the Bank of America logo on it….

You can say this about most companies that are big and sucessful, marketing and branding are key not just advertisement.

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Punk – music – fashion – attitude

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sorry, the answer of a jaded ex-punk there, that isn’t actually an ex-punk he’s just a punk with too many tools

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Perfume: magazine ads, commercials, sprayers in store, deluxe samples, gift with purchase.

Hotels: Magazines, commercials, internet, promotions with airlines.

M&M’s: Nascar, print ads, commercials, clothing.

Coca Cola: sporting events, print ads, commercials, clothing, towels, glasses, and so much more.

Macy’s: shopping bags, commercials, direct mail sale catalogs, newspaper, radio, magazines.

Beer: TV, billboards, neon in bars, print ads

New Home Construction: newspaper, billboards, New Homes Guide, commercials, radio.

Lowes: Post office coupon insert with change of address, direct mail, commercials.

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Ford: Quality of Product, Pricing, and “We Didn’t Take the Bailout”

“Get on the Bandwagon” – everyone’s doing it
Sex Appeal
Name Recognition
Celebrity Endorsement/Testimonial
“Better than the competition”

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Ahhh, @BarnacleBill, interesting answer. I might have misunderstood the assignment.

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Any company that does promotional advertising for a specific product (buy this item because it’s so hip, desirable, and great), does institutional advertising for the company or brand (we’re just so good—for example, we rescue birds or help flood victims or protect our nation’s interests or bring people together), and offers incentives (this is on sale, buy one get one free, buy one and get cash back) is advertising in three different ways.

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There is the public relations (PR) side of promoting a product as well. “X company is opening a new plant in Y town, which will provide Z number of job openings in that community.” There are oodles of PR posts in the media every day. By playing to potential consumers’ hearts, they can reap the benefits in sales.

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Most ad campaigns use multiple channels (newpaper, television, radio, direct mail, social media, e-mail, on-premise, out-of-home, couponing) to reach their target audiences. There is tracking and metricst that take place to justify the dollar spend of a certain channel against the campaign and the messaging. From a tactical perspective, different types of campaigns and messaging appeal to different audiences, and different channels appeal to different segments and demographics.

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