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Do you feel guilty if you have a day off but don't get one single productive thing done?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46938points) May 1st, 2011

Today would have been a great day to lay in bed and watch TV….I can’t do that though! I have to do something productive. So, today I sanded what I hope is to be the last of some sheet rock work I’ve been doing in the bedroom. Then I swept up 3 weeks worth of sheet rock dust, dusted all the furniture in the bedroom and I feel much better about doing nothing more for the rest of the day…Get to paint next week.

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Yes; And I usually blame it on this damn computer.

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You’re a harder worker than I am. Ever since I quit my second job about 6 weeks ago, I’ve had every weekend off…

Ask me how much I’ve accomplished…

Not much. Do I feel guilty about it? Only slightly…I have a very stressful full time job and sometimes I need to kick back and chill on the weekends. I think eventually, as I begin to catch up on tasks that have needed my attention for a while now, I’ll find my rhythm…

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I don’t feel guilty I just need to feel like I accomplished something everyday even if it was something small. There is always something to be done with 2 little ones in the house so even if its picking up their room or washing the floors or rug I feel happier and satisfied when I sit down to rest.

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That’s true, @creative1. Even on lazy days, I like to accomplish something small…

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I do something productive every day. Something, no matter how small. On really lazy days I might even call doing the dishes something productive. (I have not seen those lazy days in years.)

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No. Downtime helps productivity and is a part of life. I just enjoy mine.

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I get down time! I just appreciate it more when I’ve done something.

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I don’t feel guilty but I do feel lazy.

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Yes but I feel if I practice this enough then I will become accepting.~

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I feel no guilt. ;)

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Not me. In fact when I get days off, they’re entirely made for me to lounge around and do absolutely nothing constructive.

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Nope, not one bit….still got paid. ;)

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Nah. That’s why it’s called a “day off.” To take off from the normal grind of chores, errands, WORK.

But the bottom line is, there is stuff that needs to be done! So as long as you/I aren’t neglecting the things that need doing, why feel guilty?

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I used to be exactly like that!
I am gradually beginning to change.
For better or for worse.

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Nope. For one thing I’m too used to getting nothing done, and I usually at least try, but find I’m too restless on these days..

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…Doesn’t “restless” translate into Doing Something? Restless people don’t watch TV all day or read or lay in bed all day….?

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But pacing back and forth accomplishes just as little as watching TV. Because that’s what I did after I couldn’t find anything I wanted to read, I paced the first floor of my house.. For the rest of the day…

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…?Why would you expend all kinds of energy into just pacing?

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I..I don’t know…

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Llllloolll! Well, I have a room that needs paintin’! C’mon down!

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