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What 3 items (unique to yourself) would you take to a desert island?

Asked by saraaaaaa (2317points) May 1st, 2011

A good old fashioned hypothetical question folks!

Perhaps a question you’ve been asked before, but please, hear me out.

What is it that you would need to exist with some okay so you’re on a desert island so it’s not much comfort? The things that make you just a little crazy when you have no access to them? Let’s assume that by some chance you have the practical basic human needs of water and food, I mean those unusual items, things other people may not even know are important to you in whatever sense.

My personal items would be;

Tweezers I am certainly not getting rescued with a monobrow, and I don’t care how superficial that makes me seem
A mirror simply because aforementioned tweezers would be useless otherwise
And a large blank book to maintain some form of sanity/document my demise to insanity/write about what I did with my tweezers that day
A pen so that is four, but 3 items was only meant to be a rough guideline

I ask this because I find it an interesting thing to know about myself and others, I’m sure the rest of you will come up with much more thoughtful answers ^^

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A picture of my love…
A good long book to read, that I wouldn’t mind reading more than once…
A cross-stitch project that would take a while to complete (including scissors, hoop, etc.)

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a rubberdick, my laptop and a solar based power source

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Movies (and a way to watch them)

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An 80G iPod fully loaded with music and some long audio books (and maybe Casablanca).

a good pair of grooming scissors.

A firestarter.

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A nine iron,red lipstick and a double bass.
All very sensible and important to have.;)

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1.) A boat
2.) Gas for said boat.
3.) An ELT.

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A big box with everything I would possibly need, eh, an iphone and one of my many favourite people.

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Seeds to grow some weed then I can get high and make about a million other things from the hemp when im bored and stoned on a desert island

iPad loaded with shitloads of music and books and a solar charger

A knife

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Guitar, Droid and solar charger for my cell phone so I can Fluther and listen to Stevie Ray Vaughn on Pandora 24/7.

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I am going to take my husband, he is very handy and can build things like shelter out of trees and stuff. He can also light fires without a match… I can’t. And he doesn’t mind hunting and fishing. I do.

I would also take one of those phones you can use from anywhere. Is it a satellite phone or something? So I can call for help when I get bored (after a day or so I would guess).

A book, so I can lie under a tree and read while my husband is being a he-man.

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A guitar
A KA-BAR knife

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@josie I’ll do all the cooking! XD

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I’d bring a guitar, bongoes, and a harmonica, since I’d have a serious amount of downtime to actually learn to play.
A bag full of assorted books and writing implements, since I’d have a serious amount of downtime to read, write and draw..
And finally and most sensibly, a first aid kit.
This actually sounds like more of a vacation than stranded-on-a-desert-island..

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A Journal

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A case of wine
Another case of wine
A case of books, I guess.
Oh dear, I know I’m forgetting something.

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iPad loaded to the gills with music, audiobooks & podcasts.

Solar charger.

Grooming kit.

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Photobook of loved ones
my music
lots of pens and paper

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lotion, books, glasses

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Medical supplies, industrial grade tarps, and a knife. Maybe 1000 yards of p-cord because making cordage alone is boring as shit. That or my traps, because sometimes making traps yourself is frustrating.

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My Bible.
A hunting knife.
Lots of toilet paper.

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Usually I answer this question with “a map, a compass and a boat” because it would be impossible for me to be happy in such isolation, even if I had all the comforts and luxuries in the world. I would have to find a way to get off that damn island.

If escape was impossible, and assuming that all my nutritional and medical needs were met, I guess my three luxuries to stave off boredom would be a set of watercolour paints, some brushes, and a really big stack of paper. Although it might also be fun and interesting to try to make these things from the local resources.

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@downtide, at least anything you created would go down in history, I am fairly sure that anyone who drew on caves in prehistorical times weren’t thinking ‘one day this work of art will be famous and people will research the hell out of me’ :)

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