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Have any weddings resulted from friendships formed here?

Asked by Sunny2 (18758points) May 1st, 2011

Jellies obviously form friendships in asking and answering questions. Have there been any marriages as a result?

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Yes, I believe so… Well at least there’s this”

I don’t know if they knew eachother before or not now that I think of it. At the very least it shows members marrying.

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Gary (WTF) and Sherry (sscrowell) were together long before they joined fluther. Gary used fluther as the medium for the proposal, however.

There is chels and Richard Henry(now married), and a nice man from the US who fell in love with a woman living somewhere in the British Empire. Sorry but I have forgotten both their names.

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@gailcalled Ah, ok. I posted before I really thought about that…

In my defense:
It’s still one of the best threads.

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IIRC, harple and Austinlad announced their wedding plans at Fluther.

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@Brian1946 But then they called it off.

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I have a harem.

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@zen You too? <high five>.

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Richard Henry and his bride met here.

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