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Is it legal for an 20yr old carry unopened alcholic beverages in his or her car?

Asked by caly420 (546points) April 22nd, 2008

In North Carolina specifically is it illegal for someone underage to have alcoholic beverages in his or her car if they have not been opened. I know it is illegal if they have been opned but what it they are still sealed

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Hurm…good question, I know you can’t be in possession of alcohol when under 21. But to have it in the car…I think that counts.

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@Breefield: that’s the law in the UK, only obviously for under 18s instead of 21s. Possession in a vehicle is possession.

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If it’s in your care, (ie, car, hand, fridge, house, stomach) it’s possession. If your under 18 you could try the ‘ole “my dad must have put it in here and I didn’t know”. That saved me one time when I was 17 and had a couple unopened beers in the back of my truck for the previous night. It might still work if you live with them at 20. Of course you’ll want a dad that would be ok with taking a little heat over that for you.

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I would think so. Even if it’s not opened it’s still there and it’s in your possession.

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No matter where it is, it’s in your possession. It could be in your house, and if the cops come in your busted.

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In Jersey it’s legal for people 18+ to transport unopened liquor as far as I know. It also has to be “just bought”.

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