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How many of the original planners/attackers for 9/11 are still at large?

Asked by gorillapaws (26395points) May 2nd, 2011

After the death of Bin Laden, I am curious to know how many of the core of the original badguys are still out there. I realize they’ve recruited since 9/11, and that there are plenty more terrorists out there, but just in terms of getting justice for the ones directly responsible, how close are we to achieving that goal specifically?

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That depends on who you consider responsible.

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Ten years ago I bought that Most wanted terrorist deck of cards and it appears most are dead or captured.

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@Cruiser was there ever an Al Qaeda version of the terrorist deck of cards? As I recall, the deck of cards was all about Iraq (who didn’t attack us on 9/11).

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@gorillapaws You can make your own off of this list

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@Cruiser what a depressing list. It is amazing to have so many people from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, our supposed friends.

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Well George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are still at large and if you want to throw in Carl Rove(which I think is a good idea). The number is at least three.

Lets face it they were involved somehow, the taliban visited the Texas state house in 1996 over a gas pipeline deal. Then that didn’t work out. Or it did, whatever. Let them attack the US and succeed and then we will have carte blanche to do whatever to whomever in the name of oil company profits. Or I mean in the name of freedom democracy and capitalism.

What a wild ride the 2000s were huh guys?! Anyone want to go back and still vote for G.W?

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@cmomoCPA I wouldn’t vote for GW, but I sure would like to sit in his jury. Egypt is trying its former president and all he did was take a profit and he only killed about 800 people. I can’t understand why the Bush Regime is still running around free.

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