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What should we call May 1st from now on?

Asked by Cruiser (40393points) May 2nd, 2011

May 1st 1945 was when it was announced that Adolf Hitler was dead. Now on May 1st it was announced that Bin Laden was killed. Two of the most infamous people in the history of mankind were reported dead on May 1st, is this just a strange coincidence? Should we make this a revered day? Should we name it?

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It already has a name

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Coincidence day.

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It was also the 50th anniversary of the first US plane hijacking to Cuba. Coincidence?

Any day that recognizes the death will inadvertantly memorialize him.

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I find it very interesting that May 1 is Law Day, U.S.A.
I wonder what the conspiracy theorist have to say about that?

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Terminate the tyrant day. Although Hitler killed himself, a small detail that in no way threatens to derail festivities.

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Report People That Were Infamous Rulers and Are Now Dead Day

Has a certain ring to it, no?

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Why let the day be remembered for those two things? It is May Day. Much nicer.

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May 1st 2003 was Bush’s famous Mission Accomplished speech too.

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It was May 2nd over here in Europe…. so, I don’t know how that counts, exactly. But that’s the announcement, not the actual deed. It was much better news to wake up to than an earthquake and tsunami, I can tell you that. Now the US has a coupon to save money.

May 1st is international Labour Day, for you Americans who may not be aware. We already get that day off as a National Holiday here in Norway.

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America Finally Succeeds After A Decade” day

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May Day Maypole. Maybe the theme is peace. It seems that May 1st has too many holidays, according to all the above posts.

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Just leave it alone.

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Adolf bin Laden Day

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The Death of the International Hide-and-Seek Champion Day

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@KatetheGreat Haha, yeah, he definitely beat my record of 5 minutes and 34 seconds in 1994.

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@erichw1504 Hey, if he wasn’t a terrorist, he could have been a great pre-school teacher. He’s great at the game!

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Why did Obama order the attack on the most important Communist holiday of the year?

Seems damned suspicious… Someone get The Donald on line 2.

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May 1st.

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May 1st is Beltane (in the Northern Hemisphere), the Pagan festival of the beginning of summer.

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Liberal Gloating Day?

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Of course May 1 should be revered, I was after all born on that day. I think it should be called awesomeness day since cool people come into the world on that day and the scum of the earth leave the world on that day he said modestly.

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My sister’s birthday (who is no longer with us). I don’t really care what else happens on this day. That will always be a positive.

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