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How exactly should I show off my new-found expertise?

Asked by jlelandg (3536points) May 2nd, 2011

I want this to be a question other people could use in the event they stumble upon some knowledge as I have. Basically, my girlfriend is from Shaoxing, China, the home of Chinese yellow wine, for you wine-o’s reading I keep bumping into the term “tastes like a Sherry”, my wine enthusiast friend agreed with that conclusion as well.

In any event, after going to g/f’s hometown 4–5 times I’m starting to become a bit of a foreign expert on the drinking of the stuff, and really enjoy it. I want to share my knowledge of this yummy drink and interesting culture with the world and would like a few suggestions on how exactly to go about it. What say you?

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Blog it.

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If you have a Chinese cultural center (or historical society or museum) in your town, you could approach the director and ask if they would like to have you give a presentation at one of their events.

Also some of the local cooking schools in my town will have a one evening “class” in which a certain type of food, or a wine and cheese pairing, or a chocolate tasting is presented. That might be a good avenue.

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“Expertise” might be a little strong of a word after being there a couple of times and encountering something a couple of times. “Enthusiasm for” might be better.

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@klutzaroo fair enough, but for an English speaker/foreigner, I can’t find many on the internet who know much about this stuff, and some of the information I find does have it’s inaccuracies. I at least have a solid idea of what tastes good/customs/experience.

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Thank you @jlelandg. This was an excellent way to share!

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Sounds like the perfect amount of expertise for a blog per @cazzie. You have some genuine and useful background and continuing contact with natives to the stuff. I’d agree not authoritative expertise but authentic knowledge, yep. Go for it!

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I recommend viewing it as “sharing your expertise” instead of “showing off”.

Also use the power of word of mouth recommendations.

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