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Election question: How would you feel if the incumbent in your district was so confident they would be re-elected they didn't take part in any forums or debates?

Asked by tranquilsea (17765points) May 2nd, 2011

They also refuse interviews with all media. All the other candidates do attend forums and debates.

grrr, this is the state of affairs in Federal politics in my part of the world. The sad, sad truth is that these guys will be re-elected.

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Not good. I am fine if they don’t spend money on media ads, but I would expect them to be willing to debate. A few reasons. People change over time, current events change, and there are new voters every election. What could be a good reason for not participating in a debate? Unless it is a debate that is truly ridiculous? Against, every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the community. We had that recently in Memphis. 20 people (I don’t remember the actual number) most of them incredibly unqualified.

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@JLeslie This seems to be party protocol. My incumbent only had 4 other candidates. What really made me mad was he refused to give a write up to the local paper even when every other candidate did.

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sounds like Sheila Jackson Lee

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@tranquilsea That would bother me.

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Pretty lazy. At least he should try to communicate with folks.

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That would be good because it would be much easier to get rid of the arrogant bastard.

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I think that it smacks of an arrogance that means that person does not care much about their constituents.

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I wouldn’t vote for the person unless the opposition was truly terrible. Forums, debates, and interviews are all ways for candidates to show that they have the requisite abilities to be effective leaders. The ability to present ideas, the ability to debate those and other ideas with opponents, and the ability to explain one’s past decisions and future plans are needed year-round—so why shouldn’t I expect candidates to showcase that they can (still) do the job before standing behind and voting for them?

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Time wounds all heels.

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That candidate doesn’t deserve the office. Perfect example of taking it for granted. If the candidate doesn’t think you’re important to whom is the candidate responding ?

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He was re-elected by a landslide.

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Our local elections are often run with a candidate running in both parties. We still have choices but it makes the election between individuals rather than parties. Frankly I like the “no party” system.

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