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What fictional villain has made an impression on you?

Asked by etignotasanimum (3376points) May 2nd, 2011

Was this villain from a horror movie, a book, or elsewhere? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a baddie who scared you, just one that made some sort of impression on you that stuck. Maybe this bad guy is the sort of conflicted character with a sad past, or maybe he’s just pure evil, or perhaps it has to do with an unusual description of his looks or behavior.
I’m asking this because I just finished reading the Abarat books by Clive Barker and I can’t get the image of Christopher Carrion and his tank of nightmares out of my mind…in a good way, surprisingly.

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Cruella DeVil. She still gives me the willies.

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I don’t think there ever has been one that left an impression on me at all. Odd to think of villians like that. Interesting.

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Dr. Emilio Lizardo

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The Joker. How could somebody who laughs so much be so mean?

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Hannibal Lecter has an impressive resume.

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Severus Snape!

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The clown from It.
I will always, always hate clowns because of that movie…I saw it when I was five

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Mrs. Norris in Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. Not that this is Jane’s best book, mind you.

What a cold-hearted bitch. She knew she was barely in the protagonist’s family herself, so she was eager to bully someone she could convince was of lower rank.

Every time I read the bits with her in them, I wished I’d been there with a shovel to crack her upside her stuck-up head.

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Steerpike is a fascinating fictional character.

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Khan Noonien Singh

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“Jekyll and Hyde” :-/
I’ve been called that many times Lol…........ :-/

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Yes, @Kardamom , I am in love with Severus Snape, lol! Also, I agree with Hannibal Lector as well…

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The Wicked Witch of the West. In The Wizard of Oz, she was portrayed as an evil person out for revenge. After reading Wicked a few years ago, which weaves a tale of a woman who grew up with a life of discrimination for her color (green) and beliefs, it was an excellent reminder that there are two sides to every story. I should not be so quick to judge others based upon one person’s point-of-view, but to search out the facts.

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The Major and the Captain from Hellsing I’d have to say are an impressive entourage of “villains”

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Have you read the sequels, @Pied_Pfeffer ?

I was curious because I haven’t read them yet, but I liked “Wicked” too.

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@yankeetooter Thanks for the heads up. I’ve read all of Baum’s books on Oz, but didn’t realize that Mr. Maguire had written more on the topic until now.

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Hans Gruber.

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Another Alan RIckman role, @Lightlyseared , sigh!

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The Black Knight whose motto of “You can’t possibly lose if you never give up” are sage words to live by.

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Snidely Whiplash

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@yankeetooter the sheriff of nottingham was the highlight of prince of thieves as well.

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@janbb – And Simon Bar Sinister!

Which is the coolest villain name ever.

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Indeed – not to mention Boris Badunov and Natasha!

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Dexter—I hate the idea of glorifying serial killers.

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Can’t remember the name of this one villain, but he is the most despicable person on the planet and when he’s finally caught, the protagonists almost let him go because they understand why he did what he did. Seeing their reluctance, he grabs one of their guns which the person has in her hand, puts it to his forehead, and pulls the trigger for her. His last words were (I think), “I hope tomorrow starts a beautiful world.”

He was a villain to mankind to prove to men that they can unite and are truly noble in the face of something that threatens them all.

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Anthany Perkins in “Psycho”, Alfred Hitchock’s 1960 movie. I was 9 when I saw it. It shook me up pretty good but I loved it!

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Humbert Humbert from Lolita. I’m not sure if he qualifies as a “villain,” but I’m pretty sure that active pedophile would put him on the bad guys list. However, the story has always made me feel deeply conflicted. He is so likable, I always find myself feeling bad for him.

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@King_Pariah Is it the killer in the movie. “M” ?

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Count Brianula, from the grade Z classic, The Navy Sucks. . .Your Blood!”.

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Kakihara from Ichi the Killer freaked me out to no end. Even though he did horrific things, I kind of felt sorry for him by the time that comic is over..

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Hannibal Lecter.
Claude Frollo; though technically in the book he’s an anti-hero.
Annie Wilkes. Man, she’s just too creepy for words.

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@mazingerz88 I think the author based his villain on Hans Beckert

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The Joker, because he’s awesome.

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Jean Descole from the Professor Layton video game series. Is it bad that he is my role model?

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Charles Boyer’s character in the movie,Gaslight.

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Hannibal Lecter. He has bad a lasting impact on my life. His intelligence is inspiring, but he has so many problems.

I had a really weird dream that I dated him last night, too. Creepy!

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Darth Vader!!!!

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Oooh, LucyThrice, I forgot about him! Damn, now I won’t trust anybody again for awhile!

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Dick Dastardly. I often feel a burning desire to get out of my car & lay elaborate traps that ultimately prove a little flawed in their design. Hey, it’s a hobby!

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This is silly, but when I was young my mom watched soap operas. The villains taught me that it’s best never to keep skeletons in your closet that can later be used against you.

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Mega-Mind, he is awesome. And shows us that even the evil villains start off with well turned out intentions.

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@Brian1946 I actually remember a jelly who had that pic as their avatar…now who was it?

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That pic is of me (Count B) when I was in the US Navy, and I’m the jelly that had it. :-)

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Satan. The ultimate fictional baddie. If Hollywood made a film about him he’d have an English accent.

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Lord Dark Helmet

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I have to go with Magneto here. All he really wants is a world that is safe for Homo Sapiens Superior. Granted, he believes that that means that that requires the conquest/extermination of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens as he sees no way that the two can peacefully coexist and doesn’t plan to lose that war. Besides, after watching his family die in Auschwitz, watching his first daughter die in front of him, and having his girlfriend murdered before his eye, can you really blame him for hating humanity or being a bit crazy and vindictive?

That said, he does have a conscience.

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First one that pops into my head is Hannibal Lecter per @picante and @KatetheGreat . He is just so sociopathic it’s alarming.
Freddy Kruger, though, in the first Friday the 13th, is the only movie character I’ve had nightmares about as an adult.
Of course there’s Snidely Whiplash and Boris Badenov.

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It has always been Samara.

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The first character I thought of is Othello. Yes, Othello. I know he’s not supposed to be a villain but when I read Othello in High School I was so maddened by how he quickly jumped to the conclusion (with lots of help from Iago) that his wife had been unfaithful to him. That really made an impression on me. Not so much the character himself, although he is a great one, but the idea of the masculine hero so cruelly spurning his wife that he had so lately loved with all his heart! How little he listened to her pleas, how ready he was to believe in her betrayal and how helpless she was to defend herself!
Other villains that come to mind are Lemony Snicket from “A Series of Unfortunate Events”
Jim Carrey did a great job portraying him in the movie. I loved the whole look, feel and tone of that movie. I loved how Lemony was so straightforwardly selfish and unfeeling, yet very comical as well.
Vampire Lestat is the sexiest villain.
Great question…I’m sure I’ll think of more later.

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The human trafficking creeps in “Taken” because they’re all too real and I have a little girl with an independent and adventurous spirit. I don’t think there are any villains more scary than real ones or ones that can be real. On another thread I mentioned Dolores Umbridge—I had a boss exactly like her without the magical powers, but with the same evilness. Both are realistic villains and scare me more than less-likely-to-be-real villains.

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@jerv I never seen so much hate from one villain to a group. To me, he reminds me of much like Hilter in some ways. Ofc, there is some reality values and comic fanastyland. They both seem to act for the best of their group by taking out the “weaker” one with so much destruction and convincing others that they are right.

@linguaphile Interesting. It just like me with horror movies, It feels too real to be true. I think that point of most movies that it not to know it fake, or could happen; but to absorb the idea that this is reality. Today, I refuse to watch a long-list of horror movies just because they take my imagation, my dreams, and my emotions with one boo.

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@dabbler Freddy Kruger is in Nightmare on Elm Street. Jason Voorhees is in Friday the 13th

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@King_Pariah OMG DON’t TELL ME ABOUT THEM. Every Halloween. IT Scary. Too many knifes.

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@Trojans40 True, but you can actually understand where Magneto is coming from as opposed to someone who merely targeted a certain demographic for destruction solely for purposes of political gain. Not that he actually wants humanity dead, merely to no longer pose a threat to mutantkind. And that is why he made an impression on me.

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I’m sorry, the villian that offered the most in villianous acts was those who resembled good taste and true businesslike approaches.. The two that comes to mind was (1) Hans Gruber of the flick ‘Die Hard’.. Played perfectly by Alan Rickman (who also played a more humorous yet just as ruthless sheriff of nottinghan in the 1991 release of Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner.. possibly one of the first authentic looking flicks of that genre) and (2) Gruber’s brother, Simon Peter Gruber of the third sequel ‘Die Hard with a vengence’ (also played formidably by Jeremy Irons).. Though these characters were simply thieves, they were far from simple in what they were striving for and had it not have been for the dumb luck of a… ‘cowboy’ cop, their plan would have worked perfectly and they would have been somewhere in Bali sucking on little umbrella poppers and sunning on the beach… I enjoy sophisticated characters that seem to be likeable until you make the mistake of falling into their web of deceipt. Monsters and satanists are easy to espy and in most cases don’t come out for fear of being noticed so they prey at night, hidden by the dark and seen almost throughout the movie by the victim only.. but villians like the Gruber’s are walking around and plotting in real life every day and nobody can even tell.

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@jerv I never saw it that way, but it a very interesting statement. He made an impression because I compared him to someone that we know of reality, and you did because of a certain kind of motivation and how it was full of hate. Both agree on one character but two different reasons.

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@King_Pariah totally correct, thanks “Freddy Kruger is in Nightmare on Elm Street”.
Freddy stuck with me way too much.

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Spiker and Sponge give me the willies…

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