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What has been your happiest moment so far in life?

Asked by MilkyWay (13730points) May 2nd, 2011

What was it? First child, getting your degree, getting married or something else?
Can you describe exactly how you felt then?

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First born hands down! I was blown away. All the prenatal classes prepare you for giving birth but nothing prepares you for what happens to you that very moment of birth! Incredible.

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A few years back I fell in love and we moved together out of state, ready to share a lifestyle important to us both. Turns out the man was and still is a mystery.

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Difficult question here! There have been so many, many happy moments. Perhaps it would be a tie between the birth of my first child, and the first time my wife looked into my eyes with that look of total trust and love.

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See my answer here.

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1. marrying my soulmate
2. birthing my daughters
3. going to my first ever concert this last weekend!!!! It was AHFRIGGINMAZING!!! =0)

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Your FIRST concert?? Wow! What took you so long? LOL!

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@CaptainHarley None of my big strong men (my husband, previous boyfriends or my big brother) would take me and I was chicken to go alone. I was invited to go with my sister in law, to see Edgefest this past Saturday. It rocked!! Although, it was a 12 hour concert and I am STILL tired, lol. But we got to see Jane’s Addiction, Flogging Molly, Seether, Weezer, Social Distortion, Neon Trees and bunch of other bands.

Even though my feet were dying, it was one of the best days of my life!

I can now scratch “go to a concert” off my bucket list. Next is “go to a titty bar” LOL!

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Sounds great, hon! : ))

The last major ROCK concert I went to ( as opposed to classical concerts ) was in Florida right after I got back from Vietnam. It was Janis Joplin and the Stones! WOOT! I figured no one else would ever beat them, so I kinda lost interest. : )

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@CaptainHarley I’d love to go to a Stones concert! Mick Jagger is what, about 90 years old now? But he still rocks! :P

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Professionally: the three times I’ve received the nod of approval from company executives to move ahead with ideas I proposed. All required a heavy investment on the front end, but they were visionary enough to see that, if carried out well, the benefits would pay off over time. One was approved in a week, while another took five years before it got the go-ahead.

Personally: This one is much harder to nail down, as there have been so many with my SO (and friends and family, for that matter.) I suppose it was the day we spent in Marrakesh two months ago. We were there for a week and had done all the touristy stuff in the first five days, so I suggested we spend the next day walking around the perimeter of the city which is surrounded by a wall. At times, it was scary; at times, we realized that we were lost. It became an exercise in relying on each others’ strengths and accepting the others’ weaknesses at various times. It was a really good day, and one that I hopefully will never forget.

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Marrying a prince in Westminster Abbey a few days ago…and having all his ex-girlfriends there.

Hope I didn’t give anything away


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The births of my children and grandchildren.

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I wish that I could say that it was marrying my wife. But the best feeling that I’ve ever experienced was running my fastest marathon (averaging just under 6 minutes per mile). In the last 6 miles I felt that I had super human strength. My entire body felt as it were one flexible band of steal. There was also an indescribable feeling of great joy. I’ve never felt anything like it in any of the 55 marathons that I’ve completed. Perhaps I’ll be able to duplicate this experience in my next marathon (in two weeks).

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You were in flow. Good weather, good road, good physical condition, good mental attitude. It may repeat, or it may be the only time like that you ever have. Either way, at least you had that once. Some people go a lifetime without ever feeling that. Good running!

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Like may people, the births of my children. My son was born first, the day before Father’s day. It was the most incredible experience.

My daughter was 2½ yrs later. She has had me wrapped around her finger ever since.

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The moment I looked at the very expensive digital pregnancy test that made me wait the entire 3 minutes for the results, and it said “pregnant”! The moments shortly after when I told my s/o the news and got to see the big grin on his face and him picking me up in the air to give me the biggest hug ever…that comes pretty darn close.

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The time I spent with a girl for a few weeks (nothing sexual). I should have kept contact, stupid shy old me.

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I’m in a quandry.. Either I haven’t peaked with the happiest moment of my life or else I’ve had so many happiest moments that I can’t compare one over the other.. I can say though that I don’t ever recall an unhappy moment, is that a clue..?

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The moment Cher sang “After All” when I went to see her in Vegas last year. It’s not my favourite Cher song but at the time it was the perfect song for my situation in life.

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when my love hugged me for the first was a kind of feeling that I never experienced before..all was so dreamy and heavenly. I felt very much secured and peaceful. I felt like I am in some other world.

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Love you guys ^-^

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