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Should we still pray for Osama Bin Laden?

Asked by zero979 (55points) May 2nd, 2011

Although Osama Bin Laden was the spark that ignited a war, and killed thousands of innocents, is it still our duty to pray for him? He was a human none the less, and still created in God’s image and holiness…with our prayers, he may be saved from the worst of Hell…should we show Compassion, or Vengeance…What do you think? Pray or Don’t pray?Please, don’t be rude, I just want to know your opinions. Thanks

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If you believe in heaven and hell, there’s no point in praying for the man now, because he’s already in hell. And if you go to hell, you can’t be “saved from the worst of hell”. Hell is hell. You can pray for his family though.

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No. He’s dead.

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It’s too late to pray for him. You cannot pray someone to heaven, they have to be accountable for their own actions before they die. He is now in hell.

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If you feel the need to pray, pray that he may receive God’s justice and mercy. But I would not presume to know what Gods’ justice and mercy might be.

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He is only in hell if christianity is true. If islam is true, then he is in heaven, with his 72 grapes.
But the most likely case is that he is just dead.

Here is something to think about: If he is in hell, he is receiving infinite punishment for finite crimes. Is this justice? Would mere death not be justice enough?
If you think that infinite punishment for finite crimes is unjust, and you want justice, then yes, you should consider praying for him.

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If you’re Catholic, of course. I don’t think it’s worth it. I’d say something along the lines of a peace prayer instead.

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Don’t pray.

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I think that if you are sincere in your inquiry, @zero979, this is something you should ask your religious or spiritual advisor because the answer will depend entirely on your personal beliefs.

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@ragingloli And his 92 virgins..I never understood that part….

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I believe the correct number is 72. : )

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Sorry if you find this rude but even though I’m not practicing any religion yes I will pray for him to be in the twilight zone where his reality constantly repeats itself in a loop, starting with him standing on the rooftop of a 1000 floor building as 500 airplanes hit the building one after another, causing it to tremble. He feels the quake of imminent collapse and shrieks once the floor disintegrates beneath his feet. He drops as fire swallows him up. He opens his eyes and finds himself standing on the rooftop again, planes approaching.
( I’ll pray this happens for a year )

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92, 72, 102….Where does that come from???

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I believe some people are beyond prayers. I’ll pray for all his victims and pray that they and their families have some peace now. But I won’t waste my prayers on someone who caused so much pain in such a short span.

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Should ?

Our duty ?

I don’t think so. How could something like that be sincere if one is forced into it by “duty” ?

Sorry. Doesn’t compute.

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Blessed is the cave dwelling dirty wizard, for he shall inherit a colander for a head, (see those bullets whizz.) Amen to that brothers & sisters ;¬}

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Bin Laden was an Arsenal season ticket holder in the early 1990s. He’s already experienced Hell On Earth

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Clever. Nice bit of research. How did you come upon this little piece of trivia ?

I’m going to assume its correct and I find it rather fascinating.

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@Buttonstc It’s common knowledge, at least amongst English football fans.

Apropos of nothing, check him out in some serious flares (second from the right)

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What are flares? The caption under the pic mentions “a pair of electric blue flares” but the only blue I can see is worn by the two boys on either side of him?

I’m puzzled.

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@Buttonstc Flares are trousers with a very wide leg (bell bottoms). The Telegraph site crops the picture so that you can’t see the trousers if you’re viewing it on a small screen – have a look from a desktop/laptop

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Thanks. That was really puzzling me. I love investigating all the vagaries of languages in different countries.

Her in the US we used to call them bell bottoms. Similar to what sailors wore.

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We’re given free will, so to pray or not is up to you. But I do agree that he is human. Look at what God did. He showed immense compassion to all of human kind – he gave up his son for all of our sins. Praying for others souls is never a bad thing. But judgement is ultimately left to God.

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