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Do you feel the need to hold onto something (someone) when you sleep?

Asked by Jude (32198points) May 2nd, 2011

Do you have a better night’s sleep, if you have your arms wrapped around something?

I need it. Preferably, my SO, but, if I don’t have her, a pillow. And, if I’m having a rough, I’ll form a crescent moon with my body/legs/arms around that f*cker (pillow).


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My cat when she’s sleeping with me. I don’t really hold her, just put my arms around her.

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Sometimes…he saves me from bears :)

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Kinda. I like the cool smoothness of a body pillow I can roll into so I don’t squish my boobs. If my partner sleeps on his side then I like to push some sheet around him and snuggle up from behind, I sleep best like that. If he snuggles me then I feel all trapped since he’s twice as big as me.

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Yes, I always need to hug something whilst in bed. It’s usually my pillow or my duvet, though I did used to hug my cat when she was around :)

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No, but almost everyone I’ve ever slept in the same bed with tells me when I’m asleep I’ll reach over and hold their hand. Good thing it’s just their hand. Heh.

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Sometimes I put my arms around my pillow and pretend it’s a certain someone…

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No…but there is something I like to roll over and grab onto when I wake up! ;)

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It is actually better for your back and spine to hold onto the pilow, and have one slightly separating your legs if you sleep on your side. But, I don’t do this. My husband does.

Personally, I like to be near my husband, not necessarily holding him or him holding me, because I tend to be cold and he is like a heater. I like to fall asleep being held, but then if he rolls over to his own sleeping position a minute later it is fine with me.

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I can’t sleep well without an extra pillow I wrap my legs and arms around. I twitch too much to hold onto my man all night.

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When I sleep by myself, I sleep in a pillow fort. Two body pillows on my right side, one on my left, several regular pillows up top. None on the bottom, that’s where the door is. Duh! And its protected by the blanket drawbridge!

I like to have something behind my back and when I sleep with my fiance, I tend to sleep with him behind me. So… I usually fall asleep with the two behind me and with my leg up on the one on my right. All this came about when I had a lot of injuries and needed to elevate one or the other ankle. I still use it this way whenever my arthritis kicks up or I hurt myself and a lot of times have a heating pad at the foot end of whichever pillow I need it at.

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I like holding on to pillows! I find humans to be too warm.

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