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What do you think about bean bag furniture?

Asked by Blackberry (31042points) May 2nd, 2011

Not the small ones for children, I’m more interested in the adults ones that are a lot bigger. Have you ever had one? Are they comfortable? I wouldn’t be using this for primary furniture, it would just be cool to have one and read a book on.

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My friend has a huge green bean bag chair. He keeps it under his loft bed. The thing totally rocks. If you get a nice one, the filling is kind of sturdy and sticks to itself so it stays somewhat rigid, but can be made soft. I really dig it..

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Do you mean “The Sak”? Those things are ugly but fun! To read on, sure.

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They are great for watching movies and reading books and taking naps and floating down river or doing all of the above at once! Bean Bags ROCK!

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I’ve been sleeping on one for the past week. It’s honestly the best invention in the world.

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They are very comfortable… getting out of them can be fun.

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They’re OK. They’re GREAT for kids. If you have them lying about and you get a kid who’s tired but doesn’t want to go to bed, chances are he or she will ending crashing all on their own on a bean bag chair!

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Just make sure you have enough space. Want one but don’t have it. Yikes.

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BBF pisses me off. XD

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@Blackberry It’s like a child that can’t sit up straight.—Very irksome ;)

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What is BBF @lucillelucillelucille?...Bean Bag Furniture?

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I love horror movies. However, I fucking hated the first Scream to no end. It bored me sooooo much that…I ended up falling asleep in a bean bag chair thingy. DURING A FUCKING PARTY. And I wasn’t even drunk.

Bean bag furniture kicks ass. They’re very comfy, and all those positions you can’t get comfortable in while being in normal chairs and sofas? The bean variety will accommodate you. They’re great for that, at least I found.

Although as far as visual style goes, they look a bit fucked up, if that’s all you had in your living room lol.

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@Dutchess_III Yes.That’s what we call it at the gun range :D

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They make furniture for my beanbag?

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Groovy baby, groovy.

I’d buy some bean bag chairs if my dogs didn’t shed as bad as they do.

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@lucillelucillelucille Gawd don’t do that! All the eggs will spill out and hatch baby BBF’s!!

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I forgot to add they look like scroties.

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@Dutchess_III LMAO That would rule. :D

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@Dutchess_III—We’ll just drop them off at my MIL’s! ;)

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Just send them over to my place lol. Cute little bouncy mini bean bags! They’ll find a home. :D

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@Symbeline Try it sometime! Pool noodles and inner tubes have nothing on a bean bag!!

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Heh heh heh he @lucillelucillelucille! Guess I’ll have to take half the litter because I have places to drop them too. You ever “humanely” catch a mouse? So it’s, like, still alive? And then turn loose by your bad neighbor’s garage? I never have….well, maybe three times I did. But if I did, I’m not telling!...

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I hate it.

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