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Has anyone hear ever read the Epic of Gilgamesh?

Asked by King_Pariah (11466points) May 2nd, 2011

a simple yay or nay will suffice as well as what you thought of the Epic if you’ve read it.

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I read it last month, actually. It’s a fabulous story and nice and short. It predates the Bible flood myth by something like 1000 years.

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Read, no, but I have heard the story. I quite liked it, although I remember being a bit confused as to what the moral/point was supposed to be (maybe that’s because we don’t have the ending, though).

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Yes, but if you haven’t, try this first.

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Yay… And also I heard a great audiobook version of Stephen Mitchell’s translation.

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Yes, I have. Unfortunately, I don’t remember it well enough to give a review, only that I read it in high school during my senior year. Should probably re-read it sometime.

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I read it a few years back and remember loving it. I can’t recall all of it, but at the end it mentions having the story written down on the walls of the city, right? For some reason that concept stayed in my mind long after reading it.

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I haven’t read it but, but one of my favourite English professors usually has it on the list of required texts for her Epic class. Unfortunately, it did not make the cut this quarter. My friends who previously took the course gave it a hearty thumbs up, though.

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I haven’t read it officially but I read the story twice last year. It was retold in Myths of the Ancient Near East and translated excerpts were included in History Begins at Sumer. The proper version is on my reading list.

@crisw that’s the same guy that did the Canterbury Tales and Natural Selection raps!

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