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What is the worst thing you have ever done?

Asked by cheebdragon (18830points) April 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

Or whats worst thing that has happened to you in your life?

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I feel like if i answer this question and then I somehow make it big in real life, then writers would use this post as an attack against me.

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Like I would tell you. You’re a palm tree for christ’s sake.

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@Megan64: Thanks for laugh! I’ve got the hiccups now. hee hee.

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Worst thing I ever done?

Well… never cheated, never stole, never broke someone’s heart, never smoked or swallowed or snorted anything illegal, never drank until I blacked out, never got in a fight or vandalized or burned anything to the ground.

So I guess my answer is I never did anything truly bad. That’s pretty bad in itself, wouldn’t you agree?

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@mister- are you serious? I’ve never burned anything to the ground is all I’m gonna say….

I think breaking my ex’s heart is the worst thing I’ve ever done.

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all I can give to this question is this…... I once ran over a burrow of baby rabbits with a huge tractor. By accident people!!! It was high grass! Oh I can still see than shooting out the side. Little tufts of white. That day sucked.

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Worse happen to me getting cheated on and getting my heart broken.
Worse I’ve done is blaming someone else for something that was totally my fault.

Notice no complete details let your imaginations run wild. :(

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@megan~ and your a jellyfish, BFD

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You suuuuuuck!

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If I answer this question, then answering this question will be the worst thing I’ve ever done.

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Ive disappointed people I care about. The when, where and how is irrelevant, but I generally try not to repeat mistakes (unless they’re fun!)

And now I’ll have that song in my head all day…..

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One of my friends spent all day trying to get a mouse out of his house then when he finally did let the mouse free about 20 minutes later he ran over it with his car. irony

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Once when I was very poor I had a little cat named Stevie Nicks who had something wrong with his leg. I didn’t know what it was, but he was limping. I took him to the vet.
I love cats, and he was an especially sweet little cat, the kind that looks right into your eyes. It turned out he had a very serious break in his leg. In the waiting room I had
looked into his eyes and promised him that I would take care of him and he would be okay. But the vet wanted an enormous amount of money and I couldn’t figure out how
I could possibly pay it. So they put him to sleep.

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made my father cry.
If you’ve done it you know just how bad it feels.

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I remember another one now thanks to lovelyy’s reminder.
I was in a restaurant with my father and his wife and my brother. We were on a vacation.
I didn’t always like my father when I was young, so when he began to turn red
and kind of rock back and forth, I looked at him with disgust. Somehow he managed to rasp out the words “fish bone”, turning to me for mercy. My stepmother sprang into action and whacked him on the back; and he lived. But if it had been left up to me, he’d just have died then and there.. because I was too mortified by his lack of grace to imagine that he might need help.

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I’ve broken hearts, stole things and littered, lied and cheated and irrationally justified….but probably the worst thing I did was scare the crap out of my younger brother: We were horsing around in the pool, and I held him under just a few seconds too long, he came up screaming and ran for Mom, and you know to this very day I can’t tell you why I did it but I feel really, really bad about it.

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I would consider hurting the people I love the worst thing. Not going to get into details, but I don’t know why I tend to hurt the ones I love.

Response moderated
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if you’re talking about my answer be straightforward and let me know, especially when you sound all angry!!
Because id be glad to go into detail but how boring would it be? Plus; I’m on my phone… So it usually Takes a while

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The worst thing that ever happened in my life was watching my father die.

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I’m sorry, Scamp…

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@TheHaight Thank you

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vague answers are still answers, thank you
: )
I was refering to answers like the first 2 answers.

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I got caught doing this

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you’re on a roll…

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Worst I’ve done: Cheated, done drugs, driven when I had a few too many.
Worst that’s happened to me: Getting sued by someone who lied in court and won.

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@cheebdragon, I agree.. The first two answers were a bit sarcastic and rude but your answer wouldn’t of been removed if you sounded a little less angry, like… @___ and ___ I really wish you’d take my question seriously or not answer at all. ;) but I totally get ya.

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I’m not worried about it, I get my answers moderated like every other day, I wasn’t angry I was just thinking wtf? But my phone has that damn auto spell check feature so wtf gets corrected as WTF or f***ing.

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I don’t think the first two answers were sarcastic and rude. True, they didn’t answer the question directly. The first was an interesting reminder of the nature of this Fluther thing. It is a sort of public record. And the second sort of played off that, like, the question is pretty personal, sort of asking for a confession—not something most folks will do in public. I don’t think answers have to be simply direct responses to be useful/fun/have-a-purpose. Case in point: a group of friends sitting around a table having a serious conversation will still through out funny comments and asides to lighten the mood.

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aight, good input mangus. :/
maybe sarcastic still in my opinion, but not really rude.

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I didn’t talk to my mom for 2 years. She was telling lies about and abusing my wife and I but still, if something happend I would have regretted it.

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and “what do you wish your divorced parents had done differently?” isn’t personal?
If its personal then don’t answer, its as simple as that.

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Yes, “what do you wish your divorced parents had done differently?”, which I asked, is personal. Many questions on Fluther are. Maybe I didn’t convey my point well. “Pretty personal” would have been better phrased as “potentially requiring divulgence of extremely sensitive information about oneself to qualify as a direct answer”.

I think your statement, ”If its personal then don’t answer, its as simple as that” is a false dichotomy. I don’t have to decide between a direct answer and non-participation. This is a community, we are not just all answer-bots. Conversations arise from questions here, and those first two comments were conversational, not attacks or, again in my opinion, rude or sarcastic.

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I shot someone in the leg…....
I dont think he will be breaking into any homes for a very long time.

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Ok. I’ll come clean.
I went to a Catholic school for 2nd and 3rd grade. There was a book fair. I stole an eraser. (sidenote: How lame was I? I stole a fucking eraser.. nerd..) Yes, I stole from a Catholic school book fair. (Sorry, Jesus.)

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slept with a married man.

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