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What season do you prefer ?

Asked by Hibernate (9088points) May 3rd, 2011

What’s your favorite season ?

Tell us a short story of why you prefer it.
Or maybe a reason why.

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My favorite season is Summer,
Because the cold is such a bummer.

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My favorite season is fall
When from the heat there’s a lull…

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First fall and second spring.

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I love the cold sooo much!

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Goose and duck hunting seasons.

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I like summer because then everything is so bright (sometimes) and its so sunny and everyone seems happy even though you don’t really know what’s going on behind closed doors.
I like it because I grew up in the heat of Africa. Though there is one slight problem and that is that I always sweat no matter which season it is o.O
Okay enough…. I like summer because then I can wear my bright clothes, nail varnishes, anything possible ;)

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I love the spring, after all the long dark winter’s we have there is nothing more lovely for me than driving through the country, seeing all the new flower’s, blossom on the tree’s and the lambs and calf’s in the fields. The UK in the spring is just beautiful, oh and people smile more.

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I prefer today! Perfect spring day, 78 degrees, bright and sunny, and as @BeccaBoo said, my area is exploding with new life too!

I prefer spring and fall, the mid-summer heat here is very hot, but…the nights are beautiful under stary skies.

Here’s my new ‘neigh-bor’ in my avatar!
A little mule colt, I just took this a few days ago. I couldn’t believe what a great shot I got,his first ‘HEE HAW!”

Yep, his daddy was an Ass! lol

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I like all seasons, but summer gooder ‘n others.

This morning as I sat parked at work, a Cardinal perched near my car and sang to me.

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Definitely spring, love to see those first daffodils popping up and lambs in the fields.

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SPRING!! It snows…flowers bloom, rains and sun shines bright. Spring is heavenly!

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Spring! Specifically, late spring to early summer. Late May, June, Early July. Best time for me. Second would be summer with winter a close 3rd. Autumn is way down there…I can’t stand autumn.

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Gerard Manley Hopkins said it best – Nothing is so beautiful as Spring. When weeds, in wheels, shoot long and lovely and lush!
Aafter that, I love Autumn. I love all of the rich colours of the leaves and the like.

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Spring because everything is waking up and growing. Fall because everything is fading and falling asleep.

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I like Autumn.

I like wearing autumn colours and going on hayrides and the first nip of a chill in the air and picking apples and crunching leaves underfoot and wearing fuzzy knitted hats.

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Season of the witch

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Fall and winter. Spring and summer make me anxious and miserable.

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I love summer, because it’s so short and sweet up here. And I love my flowers. We had 6 mos of snow on the ground this year.

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Apples, brightly colored trees, cool breezes, and wearing flannel shirts without a coat.

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Thanks for the replies.

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Season of the reason.

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