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Should they show the UBL pic or not?

Asked by Porifera (3064points) May 3rd, 2011

If they do, it can cause the rage of some radical muslims.
If they don’t, what proof do we have it was actually done?

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Sooner or later, one way or another, those pictures will be revealed to the public.

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“We” as in the American or world public? I don’t believe “we” need that proof. The powers that be need the proof, releasing it to the public would only serve to fuel more bitterness and fuel the conspiracy theorists to greater heights of idiocy. Could you tell if it was valid? I couldn’t.

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I don’t think anything will be served by publishing the pictures. Photographs aren’t the reliable proof they once were.

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I agree with @Blueroses.

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With the capabilities of Photoshop and similar programs, all bets are off regarding the veracity of any photos nowadays.

Yes, there are experts who can analyze digital images for traces of manipulation left behind, it’s really way beyond the capabilities of most of us.

And even if one of these experts testifies, the conspiracy nuts will doubt that so it’s a never ending cycle.

You’d think that the publication of the long form birth certificate for Obama should have settled the issue. And for most reasonable people it has.

But there are those wingnuts going over it with a fine tooth comb pointing out inconsistencies. Just go over to World Net Daily to see the latest lunacy.

Can you imagine the field day they’d have with a photo :)

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What I want to see is a video of them dumping his corpse into the ocean from the aircraft carrier.

Mostly because I’m interested in just how perfunctory the Islamic ritual was. Like did they actually take the time to carefully wash the body, or did they just get a deck swab to hose it off?

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I personally don’t want or need to see it but do you think the extremists thought twice about posting on the internet the videos of US and other that have been beheaded….. NOPE they posted for all including their close family and friends to see. So I have think if they decided to release the video it wouldn’t bother me in the least. What I say to those who think twice about it, think about how the wife of the reporter who was beheaded felt when she saw those images and videos all over the networks and hopefully these extremists will think twice about messing with the US and its citizens, for it may happen to them next.

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They should show it. Americans need proof!

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@erichw1504 – proof like the long form of Obama’s birth certificate? All of the people that it should have convinced are screaming that it was fake. I don’t think ANYTHING will satisfy the people who are going nuts with conspiracy theories. Even if they got to personally touch bin Ladin’s cold dead corpse, they would claim it was just a look-alike.

People need to get a grip. I can’t believe the sheer insanity that is getting more mainstream every day.

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Personally I want to look at them, all of them. As stated above, they (radicals) don’t hesitate to show their pics of their mutilated victims. Does anyone think they worry about pissing us off? I’m so tired of this Muslim double standard: the “don’t piss them off or else” rule. Fuck them, they wanted this fight so we brought it to them. Good for the special forces and good for the prez for having the balls to go in. We’re on a roll hopefully. Does showing those images really have to help anything or be productive even? It was my tax dollars too that is paying for this and I want to see that bastards’ face all shot to shit.

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Here is my issue with releasing the picture.

I don’t want America to look like these guys.

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Eventually, they’ll be released. Right now it would probably be too much for the world to handle. We’re already looking at possible retaliation for the death, showing the pictures would likely incite more crap at this point.

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I don’t like the sentiment of “They do it to us, so we shouldn’t worry about doing it to them.” The reason we should worry about doing nasty things to our enemies, is that we want third parties outside of the fray to see that there is a DIFFERENCE between them and us.

This is why secret prisons, torture, and showing gruesome pictures should be a no-no. We don’t want others thinking that we are just as bad as them. And honestly, if we make a habit of doing these things, we ARE just as bad as them.

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They’re going to be seen one way or the other. I don’t think it can be stopped. If the govt does it and gets out in front of this it can be done more on their terms. Maybe they can be sent to Al Jesera and let them do it. Blaming an ugly picture for the bad behavior of others is like blaming a rape victim for wearing a mini skirt beforehand. How much more can these pukes be upset with us really?

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Most likely what will happen is the Administration will officially refuse to show it, and then it will “accidentally” leak. That’s almost always what happens.

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@woodcutter Well I mean really, she shouldn’t have been wearing such a short skirt like that :) lol…... (I realize that that statement may send me to hell, but it was totally worth it)

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