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Have you ever gotten to a point in life were you just sit down and ask yourself "How did I get here?"?

Asked by TheCouncil (380points) April 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

Good or bad. I find myself asking this alot lately.

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Yes, I ask myself that quite a bit. Espically when I’m having bad days. I get over it by just telling myself that if I dont like it, I can just make myself change it. Then I think about how worse off I could be and I get over it pretty quick.

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I think everyone has a moment or two like that. You are not alone but make sure you are able to answer that question so that you can either prevent or recreate the situation.

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All the time. But then, I am a bit dizzy and daydream a lot so I drift in and out really. I guess sometimes you just linda catch up with yourself and “ha! Look at that!”

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Are you kidding – my life has been so effing random, weird, amazing and poetically stunning that I often just shake my head and think, “How the hell did I end up here??” If it’s in a good way I marvel at the amazingness of life and my blessed good fortune; if it’s in a bad way I figure it was to learn a good lesson that will serve me well later on.

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That should of course be kinda, not linda

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(sings)”...and the days go by…Once in a lifetime!”

Oh how I miss the 80s…

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Sorry-to answer the question: yes; I don’t think we’re alone on this one either…like the others, I would just say to take stock of your situation and realize that to enjoy life is to enjoy the journey.

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(sings) “life’s a journey, not a destination…...and you just can’t tell, just what tomorrow will bring…..”

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I ask myself that alot too, but even more often I ask, “where do I go from here?”

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oh! I know how I got here. The same way my daughter got here. The Q I ask myself is “why am I here?”

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Yes, frequently and I think it’s great for perspective. I find it very grounding to look at where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. I woke up one morning after a cross-country trip and thought “how the hell did I wind up in Washington State?”

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Yes. I have an awesome job, apartment, car and boyfriend and am going to school for PhD in the fall. I was 96% sure I was going to end up white trash.

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I am at the point in my life where I look at my life and think how can one person be as lucky as I am to get to live my life . I have surrounded myself with the most awesome people. I have done so many wonderful things. I say my prayers for the blessings God has bestowed on me every day!

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3 years ago when i was suicidal. then last august when I lost my job. Its amazing how things turn out.

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yeah, every damn day!

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Never I have been with myself everyday and so I know what I did to get to this point

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when I get down in the dumps just to question and pick myself up from the dumps and move in with life

Trials and tests is what I say to myself and just overcome it and enjoy the rest of my life

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