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What did you see or do today, that had you laughing?

Asked by shego (11083points) May 3rd, 2011

So I was filling out some applications online today, and I well, I got bored. So I started to mess around on YouTube, and I came across a couple of weird hilarious videos. So, I thought that I would share the videos that had me laughing, and hopefully brighten your day, or night, wherever you are. But trust me when I say the people who made these videos have way too much free time.
Video 1
Video 2
But while I was out, running some errands, I came across a something I have never seen other than on tv. I saw a three wheeled car. It was something new to me. I was highly amused.

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A guy in one of my classes filled up my violin case with some hilarious little notes and then took me out to dinner. It was a pretty funny evening.

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The pizza guy who couldn’t find the students who had ordered the pizza in the library.

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I’m responsible for running this year’s elections for a club I belong to. The main reason that I volunteered to head the committee was to immunize myself against being nominated for office.

In typing up an official announcement, I caught myself in the act of writing an invitation to members to “run from office” as a service to the club.

@KatetheGreat, were they quarter notes or eighth notes? Or maybe grace notes?

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@Jeruba Hahahaha! You’re too funny. But they were little compliments and it was hilariously cute!

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Today, it was two memes colliding.

Tomorrow, who knows what will make me laugh. Possibly people acting confused over Nyan Cat.

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Getting notice that a $1 toll ticket from New York has grown to $687 in late fees. Like I’m really going to pay that… Yes I laughed out loud.

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I really liked this pic.

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this vid had me laughing this morning.

this pic of Obama playing video games in the situation room gave me a chuckle.

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I sang a part of “Who Says” by Selena Gomez to a random kid in the halls at school today, and he looked at me like I had five heads! My friend Anthony, who was walking with me spit all the water out of his mouth from laughing- thats what made me laugh like crazy(Anthony spitting out his water)! Listen to the song, it will make more sense why it was so funny. ( :

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I saw this car on my way to class today and thought it was a riot, so much so I had to take a picture while driving.

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On my way home I noticed my phone (which was on silent) was lighting up as if I was receiving a call. I pulled it out of the side pocket of my purse and the screen msg read “your call to 666 has been terminated.” Lol, I must have pressed some buttons accidentally and was on the hotline to hell!!! Imagine if old Lucifer himself had picked up and I would be trying to explain how it was unintentional. Instead of telling me, “Sorry, you have the wrong number” maybe he would have said “Hello! I’ve been waiting for you to call! What took you so long?”

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I was browsing on reddit during class (It was just some student presentations today. I don’t give a flying ffff…) and I found some hilarious comics.

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@FutureMemory, you did see that that pic of Obama was a PhotoShop job, right?

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I laughed out loud when the Red Sox dominated tonight!!!

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@creative1 I still think my car looks cooler :p

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The three wheeled car reminds me of Mr. Bean’s nemesis in the old Mr. Bean shows, the one he was always ramming, etc…

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@yankeetooter that’s right, I forgot about that show. Because of our ignorance, we were waiting for it to tip over when we were turning.

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jerv Yours is cooler but mine catches your eye on a highway and makes you think what the F#$ was that and why would someone do that to their car.…. Then you read what they wrote on the back Mooing Along, just cracks a person up.

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@creative1 Lets split the difference; cow skull car!

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Ala Georgia O’Keeffe?

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@jerv Good compromise!!!!

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I have two friends on facebook who crack me up all of the time. Both of them were friends of friends, I did not know them at all before.they are very active on facebook, updating their status from twitter and their cell phones, and I can count on a laugh almost every day.

Thank goodness.

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When I told my kids a friend of ours would be visiting this weekend, my seven year old said, “He’s the guy with paperclips in his nipples, right?” It took quite a while for me to stop laughing and be able to explain that nipple rings are more like earrings than paperclips.

Also, my husband and I watched two episodes of Tosh.0 in a row last night, which always has us crying with laughter.

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