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Who broke Fluther?

Asked by Buttonstc (27574points) May 3rd, 2011 from iPhone

Or am I the only one to be seeing only text? And really tiny tiny text at that. I’m using my iPhone. Is it OK for regular computer users.

What’s going on?

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I’m not having any problems with my computer and I just checked my phone (Droid) and it was fine on that as well.

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Mine’s good.

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No problems here.

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I just did both a reset and a restart which usually clears up any iPhone problems.

So how do I get normal Fluther back?

Also, it’s taking forever and a day for a page to load.

I was on just a few hours ago and everything was fine and normal. So what’s changed? After I was on Fluther I really didn’t do anything else on the phone or Internet. I was just busy with other stuff.

And then I came back to this. What on earth is going on. I don’t get it.

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Is it looking like this?

edit :: If it does the CSS file isn’t loading properly. Settings—> Safari—> Clear Cache should fix it.

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Similar to that. The image you showed has some bold text and it’s primarily blue and white.

What I see is more alternation between blue and black text.

I also went to several other sites and they’re all normal. Even a local grocery flyer with tons of images loads and displays just fine.

Something about Fluther has definitely been changed somewhere in the last several hours.

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See my edit above.

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Well, that’s odd. I didn’t do anything except click on a new Q to read and after that, I clicked back on my Q here and all of a sudden everything is back to normal.

That is so weird. Is there a ghost in the system?

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Ryan, I just read your edit above (which I hadn’t seen before).

Since it’s back to normal now, is there any point to clearing the cache or should I just leave well enough alone?

Also, I was under the impression from what iPhone techs have told me in the past, that that was the purpose of doing a reset frequently. Namely to get rid of a bumch of unneeded files cluttering things up. I always do a reset at least once per day and usually many more than that.

How is clearing the cache different from a reset (also termed as “hard reset”) can you clarify that for me?

Thanks for your response. It’s so nice to know someone knows what’s going on :)

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I’m actually not sure if a hard reset clears the cache. It might, I’m just not positive (I could argue why it shouldn’t).

And just leave it alone, no need to rock the boat.

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Thank you. That was my instinct as well. I’ll just leave well enough alone.

But it’s nice to have a course of action if this pops up in the future. This time it somehow fixed itself (?) next time may not be so lucky.

I’d give you 10X lurve if I could :)

I think they should hire you to handle the tech stuff for the site (and maybe even new stuff) since they’re occupied elsewhere. Makes sense to me.

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