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Describe your personality...

Asked by blueiiznh (16683points) May 3rd, 2011

If you had to describe your personality in terms of a farm animal, which animal would you choose?

Feel free to explain why….

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You first.

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A bear, ‘cause I’m full of surprises (like being a bear in a farm), and if given the chance I’d steal your picnic basket full of sandwiches.

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Are you smarter than the average bear, @bob_ ?

blueiiznh's avatar

ummm…i’d have to say the farm dog who rounds up all the animals and makes sure they are where they need to be.
Making sure Timmy didn’t fall into the well again.

Berserker's avatar

I’m a goat. I may be trapped and contained, but every minute of it is gonna be hell for you. ^^

KateTheGreat's avatar

A horse. I like to run free, but when you put me in a stall or cage I want out!

bob_'s avatar

@yankeetooter Damn right. All the other bears are my bitches.

chyna's avatar

A pygmy goat. Loves to play all day long and loves being with my other “playmate” pygmy goats.

cheebdragon's avatar

Which animal seems sarcastic and lazy?

bob_'s avatar

@cheebdragon That would be the farm bear. Get your own animal.

ddude1116's avatar

I’m whichever animal wanders off on its own, only to be herded back.

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Mother hen.. A mother hen will defend her young with brave aggression towards other birds and other animals, even other hens who approach her nest. A hen will fight with such formidable creatures as foxes and eagles to protect her children.

cheebdragon's avatar

@bob damn you! Alright Fine, I will be a squirrel…a pot smoking squirrel. Haha

yankeetooter's avatar

I’m an ostrich-always sticking my head in the sand…

They had an ostrich farm in “Eight Legged Freaks”! I’m just saying!

MasterAir16's avatar

Wild Chihuahua!

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I’m a horse. I’m strong willed, elegant and refined when I want to be. Get all up in my grill though and I’ll give you a mighty kick back into your place :)

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I’m a honey badger. I don’t give a shit.

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I’ll be the donkey dreaming to be a horse with a bigger dick.

no seriously I’ll be a cat, fat bellied, lazy, a glutton, always horny and pretends to be the goody goody pet only when my owner is present

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I’m a rooster in that I was once on the French flag.

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I would be the house cat. I like to be warm, safe and comfortable and like to be pampered and cuddled, but I am also intellligent, can be a bit canny, can be demanding and am loyal to those I love. If you piss me off though, my claws will come out and I take no prisoners.

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@Bellatrix Purrrr…wanna play with my balls…of string? Meowrrr! They’re not shweaty I promise.

Bellatrix's avatar

Turns cat nose up… only if you tease me with them. Sharpens claws in readiness…

Aethelwine's avatar

I’d be a llama because I’m unique like that, plus I’d have two L’s in my name. lla lla lla llama

They are intelligent and soft. :D

ucme's avatar

Dung beetle…..ahh, the shit I pull.

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I’d be the black sheep, hehehehe ;-p

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