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How would you describe rain?

Asked by leopardgecko123 (777points) May 3rd, 2011

I am writing a story about a girl named Rain because she is supposed to be like rain. You know, beautiful and powerful, but can be destructive. Stuff like that. Not wet or noisy or stuff like that. Good adjectives about rain, good and bad.

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Well, I was going to say calming, soothing and relaxing before I read the rest of your question, but I don’t know if these will fit…torrential?

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Gentle, pounding, stinging, hard, light.

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What happens when the rain hits you, @leopardgecko123? I mean how does it feel? Have you ever been caught in a rain storm? Every heard the thunder roar above your head and the lightening crash to the ground near you? Have you ever been waiting when the sky grew black and you knew it was going to start pouring those huge big drops of water, pelting your skin and clothing?

Have you ever smelled the ground after the rain or seen a rainbow? Describe that. Have you though? I’m wondering.

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pelting, icy, slowing carving out a path or hole, hypnotic, shimmery, driving/driven, fresh, rejuvenating

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Cleansing, soaking…?

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That stuff that is there when you don’t want it and gone when you need it.

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yes, I have. I live in tornado alley and we get quite a few storms that give me the creeps.

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A femme Monsoon? lol

Torrential. ;-)

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Make her like those feeling that you have then @leopardgecko123. Like when the storms come and you know they are coming. The fear, the anticipation. The strength and thankfulness when it’s over and you are safe.

Do you have a shelter, like in your laundry room?

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umm, this is your story that you are writing. You don’t want it to be our story, do you?

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Mysterious, melancholy, refreshing, persistent, fleeting?

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Look up the sky, you can see the sharp crystal stars above and they are coming down to you as cry drops.

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Water vapour condensed into liquid water droplets due to crossing of the saturation threshold and accelerating towards the surface due to a spacetime distortion caused by the planet’s mass.

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@ragingloli Damn it. I forgot you do that. I was trying to follow along until “accelerating.”

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@leopardgecko123, I just know if I was a girl named Rain and I lived in tornado alley, I would describe myself by how I feel huddled in a laundry room waiting on the storm to pass. I have family outside of Nashville, Tenn., and they’ve had MORE than their share of rain and storms. Use what you know and feel. Let her emotions be yours when you hear the weather man tell about tornadoes in the next county over and your parents have the weather channel on listening. You hear the rain outside and the wind. You try to ignore it and hope it goes away, but you know you have to be strong. Ever how your family acts and how you act and feel.

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Persistent….as in “oh dear, it’s persisting down with rain again.”

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no, i just want to know what ya’ll thought. You know, to inspire me kind of. I don’t know haha.

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@leopardgecko123 great Answers, huh.

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I dunno? But if she has a daughter are you going to name her *Drum roll, Misty?

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