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What bird makes this sound?

Asked by Evelyn_475 (792points) May 3rd, 2011

I live in the Southern California desert and I hear this bird all the time in my neighborhood. It goes woooo (pause) Woo-Woo-Woo. That’s it: a long woo followed by three shorter woo’s. Each “woo” start low but then increase in pitch. Please help I know this seems like a weird question but I have been scouring bird sound boards trying to find it because I love the sound so much and I want to know what bird it is. It is taking me forever to listen to these sound boards. I am thinking it is some kind of owl but I haven’t found it yet.

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Mourning Dove?

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Yep, that’s a mourning dove. (click on “Sounds and Calls.)

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Yes! Thank you it is the mourning dove!!

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Yeah, thought so. I have approximately a million living in the trees around my apartment. I got really excited thinking there was an owl nearby when i moved in before i realized who it really was. :-( Of course, I also have falcons and occasional bats and hawks and surprisingly pretty buzzards around, so I’m not sure what I’m complaining about.

And not to dis the doves, I think they’re also quite pretty. But they are much more common.

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You probably do have owls around. In much of the world, the most common owl is the barn owl- which doesn’t sound like an owl at all.

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If it is at night, it might be a Screech Owl. They do a low, woo,..... woo, woo, woo, call also.
But yes, I’d agree it is a Mourning Dove if it is in daylight hours.

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I do an awesome Mourning Dove call. ;-)

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@crisw This is true, I actually have seen a few owls around (either an elf or burrowing, i think, been a while), but I meant roosting nearby.

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Best guess: morning dove.

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I replied and referenced this bird. Sigh, moderation.

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