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Do you like weird/unconventional ice cream flavors?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19054points) May 3rd, 2011

What’s your favorite? Do you make new flavors?

I just found a new place by me that has unconventional flavors. I got a 2-scoop hot fudge sundae with blackberry lavender and mascarpone chili blackberry. I can’t wait to try the cinnamon chocolate or the chocolate amaretto.

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One of my favorite IC flavors is green tea.

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@Brian1946 Green tea seems very popular as a non-traditional ice cream flavor – but I’ve never seen black tea or any other type of tea ice cream (and now I want masala chai ice cream). I wonder why this is?

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I love random flavored ice cream. Actually I just love ice cream lol. Ive had wasabi ice cream that was awesome. Twizler ice cream was pretty good. I made maple ice cream before that was out of this fucking world.

The more random it is the more excited I am to try it :P

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@uberbatman The place I went to had Nerds flavor. I was really excited to try it right up until I realized I don’t like more than one mouthful of Nerds per 6 months.

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Like @Brian1946 said, I love green tea ice cream

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No. I like coffee, jamoca almond fudge, vanilla, and mint chip on rare occasions. Vanilla with cherries once in a blue moon also.

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My home made mulberry ice cream when the mulberries are ripe.

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@WestRiverrat You know, I don’t know that I’ve ever tasted mulberries. I should add that to the list of things to try.

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I like them, but never park your car under a tree or power line near a mulberry tree. The juice is bad enough, but purple bird droppings can make nasty permanent stains on auto paint.

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@WestRiverrat They don’t grow here, and most of the jams and jellies I find don’t venture much outside what Smuckers has. But perhaps someone will have a connection to a farmers market or festival somewhere that does grow them, and I can try them that way.

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Izzy’s is well known in St. Paul for their unconventional flavors. They have their regular menu, then “special” flavors every month. Oooh, yum! I’ve tried their chai, salted caramel, white Russian, champagne… I think I’ll go this weekend!
(Oh, they’re handmade as well)

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@linguaphile If I’m ever in St. Paul, I’ll be sure to check them out!

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@MyNewtBoobs They also have something called Izzy scoops—they’re about the size of a golf ball and you can order 5 or 10 flavors and have a taste-fest because the flavors never get ‘old’ like when you have a big cone and after about 8 licks, the flavor sort of disappears. I’ve ordered 10 and shared with a friend. Fun! There have to be other ‘artisan’ ice cream shops out there, I’d think…

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I wish I had a selection where I live. I would love to try some of these suggestions. I’d definitely try the maple bacon sundae they have at Denny’s right now.

@WestRiverrat we had a mulberry tree at the house we moved from. My children would end up with purple feet and we would get purple deer poop all over the yard and purple bird poop on the car. They (the mulberries, not poop) are tasty. :D

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@jonsblond Mmmm, poop-flavored ice cream – now in the frozen section of your grocery store!

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You all got me to thinking. I may have to make me up some hot salsa ice cream this weekend if it don’t rain.

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@WestRiverrat Let us know how it comes out!!

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Mascarpone chili blackberry sounds amazing. My tastes are a little more mundane. I like making my own sorbet one time. Orange-mint turned out pretty good, and so did raspberry-red wine. Spumoni ice cream is great, I love the fun colors, especially green pistachio. My favorite ice cream that I’ve ever had in my life is strawberry mochi, soft little rice dumplings filled with ice cream. For some reason the dumpling part really adds to the experience. Also, I was incredibly high the last time I ate them.

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I used to work at a gormet gelato place (gelato is the italian version of icecream). We made for halloween pumpkin pie flavoured gelato…. sooooooo good.

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oh and for valentines day we had one with little cinnamon hearts in it – delish!

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@Haleth Wow, you just slipped that last part right in there very discreetly. Even more discreetly than whispering. The literature geek in me is totally amazed; it’s like if you said to me “Hey, no joke, The Doctor is real and waiting to take you in his TARDIS”. Also, I’m pretty high right now, so thanks for reminding me to eat the remaining MCB ice cream. MMMMMmmmmmmmm.

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The only weird ice cream flavor I’ve tried is Green Tea Ice Cream, but I would be willing to try new ice cream flavors.

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I love Pistachio and maple walnut with extra chopped walnuts.
Green Tea is okay. And..Ooooh…Coconut frozen yogurt with Walnuts too! I’m a nut lover!

I also like to make my own coffee ice cream with vanilla and mix in instant coffee diluted in a little warm milk.

OMG! No ice cream in the house, you people are a bad influence. haha

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@WestRiverrat I have a mulberry tree in my backyard and have made mulberry ice cream on a few occasions. Its great, the only downside is if you eat to much mulberries in any form you always tend to spend the next couple hours in the bathroom.

I once made pineapple jalapeno sorbet. Not an ice cream but still pretty random and awesome.

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there was a place in bucks county PA (no longer there) that made some seriously good hand made ice creams and my all time favorite from them was rose petal ice cream
I like green tea ice cream and japanese red bean ice cream.
I don’t know about unconventional, but I make a mean strawberry cheesecake ice cream and a Guiness/chocolate ice cream that goes really nicely with chocolate cake!

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@christine215 Rose petal ice cream sounded really good, so I looked up where I can get it. I guess Indian grocery stores will have it (and I should know that the Indian word for ‘rose’ is ‘gulab’. So now I need to find an Indian grocery store in my area. I want 2 scoops – one rose petal, one lavender, garnished with a couple sage leaves.

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I had red bean ice cream. It was delicious

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