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What is your favorite ramen noodles flavor?

Asked by jasonwiese55 (620points) May 3rd, 2011

Mine is beef. All the way.

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Only Oriental

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creamy chicken

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David Cheng’s pork at Momofuku, but I’m guessing that’s not what you meant.

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I have never had them.

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Oriental and Chicken. It’s a toss up.

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I wonder what pdworkin would say.

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@faye Let’s ask him.

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It’s very difficult to find but it tastes great.

Shrimp with Lime.

When this first came out about ten years ago it was all over the place. But then most stores dropped it. I’m assuming because it didn’t sell as well as other flavors but I don’t think they really gave it enough time to catch on.

Nowadays there’s only one store I can find that has it in stock. It’s a store which carries a lot of Mexican products.

But it really is the best. When I can’t get that, I’ll settle for Roasted Beef. Not regular beef. It has to be Roasted Beef.

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Oriental with the crappy Kraft Parmesan cheese powder.

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I used to toggle between Chicken and Creamy Chicken. Now I just make sushi instead.

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Are we talking about instant noodles?

My favourite flavour is MSG.

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Also what the heck kind of ridiculous instant noodle flavours do you guys have in the US? Creamy Chicken??

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There’s spicy chicken with lemongrass available at some asian markets. Crack an egg in there and it’s so delicious…

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Oriental or Creamy Chicken. I use the oriental to make that chicken-cabbage-ramen noodle salad. Yum.

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Mushroom, but it’s impossible to find anymore.

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Oriental, with a bit of sriracha sauce and fish sauce added.

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Oriental since they stopped making the best flavor: Chicken Teriyaki.

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I loved Shrimp and Lime, Mushroom was great too.
Buuttt… since they’ve pretty much disappeared off the planet my favorite is Shrimp.

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