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Curious as to how long it takes for you to get gussied up in the morning. How long?

Asked by Jude (32098points) May 4th, 2011

I got some more layers put in my hair, and now it takes me a good hour to do it. I have to curl it (curling iron). Not crazy about the time that it takes, but, it looks cute!

If I’m hanging out at home, I tie it back, or have crazy tousled bedhead.

How long does it take for you to get ready, before you head out the door?

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From time I finish breakfast to walking out the door, I’d say 30 minutes (I take showers at night).

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I can do it in 40 minutes, but I prefer an hour, I hate to rush.

I can be ready in 20 minutes with showering, if I don’t style my hair, just pull it back in a ponytail.

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@Jude Maybe hot curlers would work better for you?

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20 minutes, timed exactly.

It’s not really the morning, I get up at 2pm.

1— wake up
2— rub eyes
3— roll over and rest 5 minutes
4— roll a joint
5— take a piss
6— get dressed and do my hair
7— gather my things
8— spark the joint and walk out the door

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15 minutes unless I wash my hair. I let it dry naturally for the curl so I have to stay home until it is nearly dry.

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For just me about ½ hour to include a shower and hair drying… But if you want to include me getting my 2 small children ready it takes me roughly an added 1–2 hours depending on the morning and how cooperative they are.

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My normal morning routine (shower, dressed, make-up, hair) takes half an hour exactly. If I am curling my hair I give myself an hour.

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Anywhere from three minutes to thirty. The latter is only if I’m feeling really slow.

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About an hour and a half. Even with all that time sometimes I don’t even make it to eat breakfast o.O

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I’m not a gussier so I just shower (if I need to, which is not every day) and dress in clean clothes, wash my face, brush my teeth and hair, and head out. Maybe 15 minutes. 25 if I shower, 45 if I wash my hair.

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32 Minutes. Roll out of bed at 6:36. Make my half of bed, shower, shave and hit the table for breakfast at 7:08.

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@JLeslie I know I know…
my friends think i am crazy

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The actual gussying takes about 10 minutes. Clean, neat, oil legs, stand up straight, don’t scare the horses.

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@nailpolishfanatic Are you very young? Still in school?

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It depends on what I have to do. Aside from showering and applying different lotions, oils, etc., about 30 min for hair, makeup, and clothes. Altogether, about an hour and a half.
Doing other stuff like dry brushing, shaving, exfoliating, plucking, etc. is what takes a while.

@poisonedantidote Have you tried rolling everything beforehand? It saves a lot of time.

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About 45 minutes.

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@Facade I have a very strict ritual with my weed rolling. It has to be freshly rolled.

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@JLeslie Yes. I am in my first year of High School.

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Half an hour, give or take ten. Includes a shower every day, and getting downstairs to take my meds and be ready to go out the door. My wife, God bless her, always sets the alarm ten minutes early, so I can lie around for a little while before I get out of bed. I’d rather have the sleep, but she seems adamant about this.

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It takes me about 40 mins to get the kids fed and ready and about a half hour to get myself fed and ready – 15 mins of that is to eat.

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Run a comb through my hair, maybe spray it with something if its being unruly, and slap some makeup on my face. 10 minutes?

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Shower shave and dressed in 15 mins and you better be ready or else!

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I get up 50 minutes before I leave. 10 of those are spent getting dressed.

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I can shower, dress, dry my hair, and put on makeup in 45 minutes on a regular day. If I’m dressing to go out, I’ll take another hour.

I don’t even remember the last time I got up, had breakfast, then got myself ready to leave right away. Usually I get up, get the two oldest kids out the door, get my husband out the door, then eat, then hang out with my five year old, then shower, then do some housework, then hang out with my five year old, then make lunch, then get the five year old off to school, then maybe bother with makeup and hair if I have to be someplace, do some housework…well, you get the idea.

If I don’t bother to dry my hair, I can shower and be ready to go in less than half an hour. Fifteen minutes if I don’t shower.

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For a guy, pretty long haha—About half and hour not including a shower. I won’t if I don’t need to, though. If it’s a Saturday and I’m not going anywhere special, I won’t spend too much time getting ready.

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It takes about 40 minutes all in and that includes shower, getting dressed and breakfast. I am then sparkling.

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Depends on the day. Anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours.

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To get ready for my current job, about 15 minutes. That includes getting dressed, doing a little bit with my hair, and brushing my teeth. For the job I just left, it was closer to 25 minutes because I had to take more time with my hair and the required clothing took longer to get right.

If we’re going somewhere that I choose to wear make-up to, add 15 minutes.

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It takes me an hour. An hour and a half if I have a shower.

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To get my body clean, dressed and ready to go – about twenty minutes. To wake up my brain enough that I’m capable of coherent thougth – at least an hour.

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I’ve heard of “coherent thought”. Not sure I understand the concept!

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I need a full hour. Wake up, get coffee, take shower, put on makeup, blow dry hair, dress, gather cell phone, Mp3 player, books and everything else that goes into my portable life, then I am running out the door without a moment to spare. My husband just can’t seem to understand why I just don’t get up 15 minutes earlier and make my life less stressful! I would just fritter away the time thinking I could take it easy. I would be rushing out the door no matter what!

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Hour and a half.

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@nailpolishfanatic I’m 50 and still need an hour and a half. It has nothing to do with age but personality or lifestyle I guess.
I shower at night and wash my hair and do the rollers at night (like four times a week). But it takes me for ever in the morning to do my makeup and pick out my clothes, and shoes and bag and jewelry. I also have to make sure I have all the stuff I need in my briefcase.

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From the time I start the shower til I hit the front door, an hour if I give my hair a little polish and 30–40 minutes if I comb it up or back instead.

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@JilltheTooth I’m apparently not capable of coherent spelling either!

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@downtide I know what you mean. It happens to me too. You are like in a mechanical thought mode as opposed to actually be able to think productively and plan and organize stuff, solve problems, etc.

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2 Hours
What with putzing around, eating, hair, makeup, smoking and having coffee, dazing out the window, just kinda “easing” into the Helter Skelter world. ;-)

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