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Do you sleep with your TV going?/Help me explain this phenomenon?

Asked by Mariah (25876points) May 4th, 2011

Probably 90% of my hospital roommates over the years have left their TVs going, all. freaking. night. I am so puzzled by this because I have to think that 90% of people don’t sleep with their TVs going all night at home. But maybe I’m wrong – for statistical purposes, do you sleep with your TV on? What if you’re sleeping in a unfamiliar place? Would you do this if you were in the hospital, but not at home? Do you have any other ideas why this is so common?

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No I don’t, but I know a few people that claim they can’t sleep without the TV on.

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It’s a laptop at the foot of my bed, not a TV, but the answer is still yes.

It plays Star Trek TNG, series 2. Starting with the episode “Q Who” and then it picks other episodes from season 2 at random thruout the night.

“oh no captain, its all over you! yes ensign, it’s all over me”I always wonder who she did to get that one part on the show.

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I can’t have any noise, other than a fan. So, no.

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No, unless I accidentally fall asleep with it on.

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I don’t normally, but there have been many times I’ve fallen asleep while watching tv because I lay in bed watching a little bit of tv before going to sleep at night. Most of the time, I turn the tv off before going to sleep, but sometimes I fall asleep before turning it off.

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Nope – no TV in the bedroom and wouldn’t fall asleep with it on anyway.

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I do not. Like janbb, I do not even have a TV in my bedroom (nor would I).

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Like @marinelife, I don’t even have a TV in the bedroom. Sometimes I used to fall asleep on the couch in the TV room, but I don’t watch TV any more.

I think the TV kind of calmed me down, although sleep experts say it doesn’t. My mind would be so anxious and focusing on the TV made me forget my real worries. The sound of voices is also soothing, although the sound of sirens and other stuff, isn’t.

I think that people like drifting off while watching something. Or they just watch and can’t help drifting off, and then it becomes white noise. I think it is probably really annoying to people who aren’t watching it. I know it is to me. I wish people would use earphones and keep it private.

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This question reminds me of “Poltergeist”.
There are times where I would almost fall asleep with the TV on. I have no idea why. Maybe because Family Guy was on or it was a Friday night. Gotta get down on Friday.

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Mariah, I just gave you a great question, because it is a great question.

I turn the tv off, my wife turns it back on.

I thought I was her security blanket, but the television has apparently taken my place.

Its a sad situation, when a sheet of tv screen has taken the place of a sheet on our bed.

Did I saw this correctly?

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Sometimes. I like to fall asleep with the TV on. But, it can be annoying to be woken by it in the middle of the night. But, I can sleep with it on all night, I am a sound sleeper. Having a way to program it to shut off by itself is the ideal. If I wake up in the middle of the night, and cannot fall back asleep in 20 or 30 minutes I put on the TV. I don’t believe in laying in bed waiting for sleep to come.

My husband cannot stand any noise, so when I am with him, no TV, not even to fall asleep.

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I do not sleep with the tv on unless I accidentally fall asleep with it on. However, I might in a hospital if the ward was noisy to have the white noise instead of unexpected noises throughout the night. I hope that made sense. The only times I have been in a hospital overnight is after having babies so sleeping wasn’t an issue; it was waking up every two hours for feeding.

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No I don’t, I must have absolute silence. I can see why some people would though. Maybe it go’s back to being in the womb. An ambient soothing quality helping them feel secure & thumbsuckingly soothed.

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I think white noise might be part of it. I think loneliness and boredom are even more likely. And, occupying ones mind with entertainment rather than worry or sadness.

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I do. My mind is generally racing a lot at night with all the random thoughts of the day so tv helps distract my mind and gradually put me to sleep. So I just throw a little sleep timer on and pass out. If I wake up at any point during the night and the tv is still on or there is noise of another nature it annoy me to no end and I need complete silence then. But the initial falling asleep tv helps.

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Depends on if I’m having trouble sleeping. If I’m really anxious or too wound up, putting on a movie really helps take my mind off whatever I’m stressing about. If I turn it off, I’ll just start restressing, so I just fall asleep while it’s still playing.
The rest of the time, I play music – usually something in the “Sleep Deeply with Delta Wave Help” genre.

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If I’m sleeping anywhere other than at home I prefer a tv on an empty channel for the masking effect of the white noise it creates.

Unfamiliar sounds are more likely to jar me awake so that’s why I like the white noise effect.

A hospital is a terrible place to try to get some sleep so that’s most likely why your hospital roommates were sleeping with it on. Familiar noises (like the voices from favorite TV shows) are not as jarring. Even tho they may not do this at home, an unfamiliar hospital setting is totally different.

When I’m at home I don’t use the TV for white noise as I do when elsewhere, but I usually liten to a DVR’d talk show while drifting off to sleep. It’s ideal for me since talking heads don’t require actually watching them. Just listening works for me.

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Sometimes I do.

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I hate having anything on when I am trying to get to sleep (apart from pyjamas). I need quiet and dark and no distractions.

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Eversince I saw The Exorcist eons ago I never sleep alone without the TV on. Except for those few months after seeing The Poltergeist.

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People often do it to drown out other noises. Especially if you have close neighbors who are loud or a roomate who snores. If they fall asleep with the tv on than they feel asleep to noises. If its quiet and then all of a sudden there is a noise than it can wake them. I once had a neighbor who came home late at night. He had a heavy book bag that he would drop to the floor. So it would make me jump up. Then I’ll go back to sleep. Then the would slide the closet doors till they slammed on the wall. Not to mention he would lift weights and drop them as well. After being woken up several times in the night I had to finally get a sound machine. That didn’t work so I had to play my tv set so there wasn’t this sudden loud noise to wake me.
I’m back to not sleeping with the tv on. That doesn’t always work. You can get some really bad dreams from listening to tv.

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In general, I don’t like noise when going to bed. Sometimes if I am really tired, I will nod off while watching shows on Netflix, but when I go to sleep, I have to have all the lights and electronics shut off (with the exception of my fan—it’s way too hot to not have it on.)

My younger brother (whom I share a room with), on the other hand, falls asleep with the telly on every night. And if I shut it off immediately after he rolls over to sleep, he will jolt up and tell me to turn it back on. Unlike me, he needs the noise.

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I can sleep anywhere but I do not like the quiet too much [ at home I hear the pc’s coolers ]

When i don’t sleep home I can barely relax till I get used to that place [ especially sounds ]

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I don’t have a TV in my bedroom but if I did, I’m 100% certain it would put me to sleep. If I lived alone I wouldn’t bother owning one at all.

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Here’s another ‘no TV in the bedroom’ person. A book is is all I need. However, there are a few times I’ve taken advantage of the hotel room televisions when the remote has a timer. Set it for 30 minutes, and I’d be sound asleep before it automatically turned off.

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I don’t have a TV in my room now, but I used to, and would turn it on when I had trouble sleeping. It provides soothing white noise. Usually, I’d wake up at some point in the middle of the night, but by then I was sufficiently drowsy to turn it off and just fall right back asleep.

@john65pennington I am sorry to hear that, my friend. Have you tried asking her for a TV free night where you just spend quality time together?

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Showing my extreme oddness here, I do fall asleep watching TV, but I have the set muted. Reading the captions is a great way for me to turn down the volume of the noises in my head. On rare occasion, dramatic changes in the lighting (in a movie) will awaken me. I’ve become rather addicted to this and often use the same method when traveling and sleeping in hotel rooms. I’ve tried wathcing movies from a computer, from a DVD player, etc., and it’s not the same—gotta have my big screen.

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I used to be able to fall asleep with thetv on when I was exhausted but now if I really am tired, I make sure its turned off.

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Don’t have a T.V., I have worse, the internet.

Star Trek Online (MMORPG [Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Gaming]), Netflix and of course, Fluther being some of my fav’s on the net. (giggle)

I used to but not any more for some reasons:

I live in the city and see flashes of light in the windows. It is amazing the flash rate of a television, can’t be great for ya.

It has been said we get better REM’s with a cool down from electronics for an hour or two before bed. I am trying to read before sleep, that is hit and miss.

I take Ambian (got a host of diagnosis regarding my hyperness)

My Mom does though, have t.v. on 24/7

When I go home to NY (Long Island) Tuesday, I’m bringing her a little faux candle water fountain with cute little rocks to see if that might ween her off the flashing t.v.

Also, I saw the movie Poltergeist and I’m scared those thingies will come out and get me if I’m not careful.


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