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Which of your birthdays to date, do you remember with most affection?

Asked by ucme (50034points) May 4th, 2011

Any specific one from your childhood, or maybe a landmark year…18th/21st etc. Perhaps you had a fantastic party with family & friends in attendance. Or does it hold special memories for entirely different reasons? Whichever, just describe a particular birthday you had that you recall as being especially memorable.

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Two come to mind for me.

Firstly, my 4th b-day. We had just moved into a new home which turned out to be the home my family would remain in throughout my childhood and well into my adulthood. As I was the new kid on the block, we invited pretty much everybody in the neighborhood close to the same age. I made some great and very long lasting friendships there.

Secondly, My “second annual 39th b-day”. On my 40th b-day we had a big party and jokingly called it my second annual 39th b-day. It was such a success that the tradition has stuck and we now have an annual 39th b-day party every summer.

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My ninth birthday was memorable because we had a picnic at the park across the street from my school and all of my friends came. My dad pushed me on the swings and one of these things. I had just had a lot of soda and nearly threw up afterwards.

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2 years ago. I bought myself a motorcycle. Raining and cold, but still I rode. Love that bike.

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@etignotasanimum Just thought i’d voice my own disapproval of those “things!” I am, in fact allergic to them, well not fact but might as well be. I puke at the slightest rotation, that is unless I manage to fall off first.

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My 18th birthday I guess… I got tattoos.

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@ucme Oh no! My dad was really good at making them spin fast, and I remember all of my friends thought it was cool. Nowadays, however, I’m pretty sure I’d be in the same boat as you.

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My first birthday.
I learned to walk.:)

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The one I remember the most was when I turned 7, and got a carousel cake. We had the best bakery in Hammond, Indiana. Alas, it’s not there anymore. Their cream horns were heavenly.

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@lucillelucillelucille Fanbloodytastic! Oh I remember with such pride when my kids first started to walk. What a magical moment that is…..& yes, i’m not afraid to admit I cried. Big girl’s blouse that I am ;¬}

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#3 When I turned six, the family was at my grandparents’ house with the rest of the clan for Christmas. My birthday is the day after (Boxing Day), and as usual, fruit cake was the birthday cake served. When offered a piece, I turned it down. “Why not?” Mom asked in surprise. “I don’t like it.” was the response. “Then why haven’t you ever said anything?” was the reply. My answer: “Because I didn’t know I had a choice.” I was never served fruit cake on my birthday again.

#2 A group of friends took me out to celebrate my Golden Birthday (when you turn the age of the date you were born on). They gave gifts of Gold Certs, Gold Dial soap, and a goldfish. And then we did shots of golden tequila.

#1 Two years ago, I was with my SO for the holidays, and he presented me with an engagement ring as soon as we woke up on my birthday.

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I never have celebrated my birthday too big. Usually, it’s just an icecream cake. So, icecream cakes…my best memory.

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@ucme Big Girl’s Blouse?? LOL!

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@lucillelucillelucille Yes, another odd little saying from England Town. We’re such a crazy breed XD

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My last one! ;)

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My 18th birthday. I went on a road trip through Europe with 2 of my best friends. And we got wasted every night.

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My 13th birthday is the most memorable for me.
My family and some uncles/aunts/cousins of mine had all decided to take me out for dinner to a restaurant. We all got in the van after gettin ready and set off for an area that was quite far from home… about 40 miles.
Upon getting to the destination we found out that the reastaurant was closed!
We spent hours trudging through unknown areas looking for a place to eat, all 11 of us, lol!
The most ironic thing was that the van decided to break down where we had parked it.
When we finally found a place to eat ( not exactly what you would call a restaurant, but it was nice) we were all tired and starving. The important thing is, we all enjoyed it very much : D
And dad learnt a lesson too. Always call and reserve a table in advance.
We got home very late at night, after gettin the van checked out by a local mechanic. They all decided to crash at our house for the night… It was very enjoyable :)

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When I turned 18 and had to register for the draft for the Viet Nam war. Suddenly I felt like I was no longer just a kid.

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Hmm I actually can’t think of one. I have a summer birthday, so I never got the school hoopla. I’ll tell you about last summer, which was the worst birthday ever:

I was away from home on my birthday for the first time. I had only lived in that town for a month, and I didn’t know that many people, only my cousin who also lived there. I brought this dude home the night before and we had the worst sex ever. He had biked over. The next day, my birthday, was torrentially raining, so he couldn’t bike home. He ended up hanging out all day, and I had to entertain him, and he was really obnoxious.

I figured it would get better that night once I went out. I went to the bar my cousin worked at, and he didn’t even acknowledge my birthday. No one did, and I was not bought any drinks. Since I was super sad and feeling vulnerable, I let this guy who I knew liked me who I didn’t like kiss me. That ended up causing a lot of drama in that small town for the rest of the summer.

With the exception of my parents over the phone, no one sang “happy birthday” to me that day.

Hopefully this year will be better!

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My twelfth birthday, when I was living with my dad. He didn’t have much money, so I didn’t get this huge supreme party with a shitload of gifts. But he got me a few used TurboGrafix 16 games, and back then, Disney’s Aladdin was playing in theaters, and I desperately wanted to see it. So he took me, and the movie ruled. That whole day was awesome.

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My 3rd birthday. It was an old fashioned one where invited little girls were dressed in fluffy dresses, patent shoes and fancy hair. The boys were ironed shirts and lace up shoes. We had cake, jello, ice cream, watermelon, soda pops of every conceivable flavor, silly hats, paper whistles, cheesey party games, dancing… and we loved it. There was no rented indoor playground or amusement park needed. We had a huge wrap around yard of soft green grass, a swingset and merry-go-round.

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My 20th was a six day weekend which included a trip to Late Tahoe, gambling, snow skiing and water skiing on the same day, camping, and the constant presence of a lot of beer.

My 31st I was a month sober, and my girlfriend at the time and i had an incredible weekend with tons of different things going on.

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My 9th and 20th birthday. 9th was memorable because it was the first family reunion and it was a big party with relatives coming in from almost everywhere in the country. It was great and i still remember how much fun we all had. 20th because i ended up getting hurt after falling down from my bike and ended up with stitches under the chin.

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Ohh @Symbeline reminded me of a happy one. When I turned ten, my brother and dad took me to see Harriet the Spy in theaters. Before it was a “Hey Arnold” short. We didn’t have TV so we didn’t know what it was (maybe it wasn’t even on the air?) It was hilarious and we loved it (“You can’t kill me because I’m crazy!”) Excellent birthday.

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