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Do you worry about your Fluther favorites when they go missing on Fluther?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) May 4th, 2011

Or am I a freeaaaakkkk?

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Nah, not really ‘cause most of them are on FB.

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Nope, you’re a freeaaaakkkk.

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Yes, I do. I just hope that they are focused on their lives outside of Fluther and have put the site on the back burner.

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Yes I do.

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Yes. I am a worrier by nature anyhow, but I do notice when people go missing, and I always wonder why. I just hope that all is well, and much like @Pied_Pfeffer said.. hope that Fluther is just on the backburner.

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I don’t really worry about them, but I do miss them…

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I don’t worry normally, but I think about them. I do worry though if their last question was about something going on and then they never come pack. I’ve actually been wondering about one jelly recently because I haven’t seen anything from her since she posted a medical question. :( I hope she’s okay.

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I miss them very much. That’s why I’ve opened an fb account so I can get my fav fluther jellies on there too :)

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I’m not on here enough to notice that people have disappeared (said with shame) but I do miss people when I’m away, although I am also on FB and have a few Fluther friends who I hold dear. My life is just demanding too much of me at the moment to make it here so often and imagine that that is the way it is for those who go missing…

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I currently am worrying about one of them. I haven’t seen Seelix around and it makes me a little sad on the inside.

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Yes, missing Loser, Whatthefluther, just to name a couple.

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I was concerned about one jelly, but then she came back so strong that there were 2 of her for awhile. ;-)

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Yes! And, what in the hell happened to Drastic Dreamer? Last I heard, she had issues with her stomach (had to go to the hospital), and never came back to Fluther after that.

I love pdworkin, but, I see him over on Facebook, so, I know that he’s doing just fine. Grisaille is another that dropped off the face of the earth. And, Loser! :(

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I really wonder how whatthefluther is doing! And where’s rangerr and petethepothead?

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Yes, I do. What happened to BooBoo? And not just favorites-any of them.

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Where is Austinlad? :(

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Sometimes I do worry…

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I miss Loser too actually!

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What happened to the girl with the pointed ears and black lipstick?

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@Aster Do you mean Seek_Kolinahr? She still shows up on occasion.

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Yes! I haven’t noticed her!

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@queenie Missing him too. For the record, he’s well and fine.

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@janbb I see rangerr on Twitter quite a bit.

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I’m still here! I’m just finishing up with school stuff, and though I’m checking in just for a minute today, tomorrow I’ll be a free bitch, baby… and you’ll wonder how you ever missed me at all ;)

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