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Do you have a "Jekyll and Hyde" persona?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22527points) May 4th, 2011

If so how serious or if not is there any other character out there that clearly exemplifies the way you have a change of mood or behavior?

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Not really. It’s more like I’m Jekyde all the time.

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Yes I do, Though I am a bit more fragmented than that. However the dominant two aspects of me are as follows: One is an emotionally caring persona who is also playful, protective, and can tell when a girl or guy likes someone else but can’t tell from hints if a gal likes me. The other is an antisocial, aggressive, manipulative persona. They’re both me, it’s just an internal conflict I’m having of trying to be either someone who can move on and brighten the eyes of my internal emotionally destroyed 6 year old, or kill it.

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Yes I don’t.

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I honestly think I do.
The only difference is, I don’t go whacking people on the head with a bat in the middle of the night.

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I don’t. I’m what you see is what you get, although I think some people believe I have a card up my sleeve for some reason.
@King_Pariah I gave you GA just because I think you have a good insight of they way you operate and that is a great place to be. It is a great start should you ever want to decide upon one or the other.
Hug your inner 6 year old for me. Tell him it is OK and it will be OK :)

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Of course. We all have a shadow side and mine is quite the controlling, critical bitch. When that side of me rears its head, I know I’m in stormy waters. Otherwise, I’m calm, caring, compassionate, fun loving and joyful.

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I used to be really shy in the past, I mean like, abnormally. Some of it went away when I started working as a waitress, and more went away on its own I guess. But I’m still really timid, ecxept at least all the anxiety and stuff isn’t there anymore.
So when I’m around strangers, I’m really quiet and reclusive when people speak to me, but when I’m with friends or at least people I know moderately well, I get all hyper and never shut up. People notice the change of course, especially when strangers are around. I won’t say much, until they go, then I start talking a lot and stuff.
Although I think that whole thing is a lack of balance acting up when it comes to my socialization spectrum, rather than a Jekyll/Hyde thing, since it’s a behaviour thing rather than personality, but it does come from my personality I guess.

Otherwise, not really. There are a lot of things inside me that I keep there, like thoughts, opinions and emotions, which are considerably much darker and crude than what I allow myself to publicly present, (like it couldn’t get any worse haha) but since it doesn’t come out, it’s a caged monster. Although perhaps some of it controls or at least highly influences the actions I do or wtv.

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I try to be a very genuine person; I care about people and I try to be kind. But I have a little devil that sits on my shoulder that sometimes likes to rock the boat. Like this question where my genuine response was to help the kid out but the devil in me would have put that hair on my body and screamed, “OH THE PAIN, IT HURTS”...but only as the aunt and only if the child was 5 or older.

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Yes I do, but I haven’t killed anyone yet. I’m typically a nice person and I love listening to people’s problems and I love helping my friends. BUT, I also get riled very easily when someone jabs at things that I’m passionate about, and my temper has no “medium” switch. I go from sweet to uberbitch in less than one second.

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