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What ingredient would you double in order to make a cake super moist?

Asked by Aster (18981points) May 4th, 2011

I keep seeing dry carrot cake. If you double the oil in it will it be super moist? Or what other ingredient would make it super moist?
It should be something that would cause me to break out. Yes; in pimples like a jr high kid. I figured oil could have done it when I found a really moist carrot cake that’s too expensive and that, yes, broke me out.

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Oh honey, just put some applesauce in it. It makes it completely moist and it does not leave it tasting like apples.

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Second on the applesauce. I’ve used it instead of oil in some recipes, and it always enhances the moist factor.

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I don’t even bake, and I’ve known about the applesauce thing for about 15 years or more.

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I would not double the oil, but you might increase it a tablespoon or two. The moistest cakes I make have buttermilk in them. I do use apple sauce to cut the fat grams, using less oil and some apple sauce, but I never feel like it makes cake moister? Also, less egg makes the cake denser. Most recipes are medium or large eggs, if you use extra large or jumbo, it might be a little too much. Also, make sure you don’t over cook the cake.

I added a few topics to this question, hopefully you will get some more answers from our baking experts.

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After the baking, add some of your favorite wine, by punching holes in your cake and then pour on the wine. It will keep your cake moist and your guests will never notice the dryness or even care, after a couple of pieces.

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with baking you can’t double anything because baking is like chemistry. too much of one thing will make it flop.

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I’d also suggest applesauce. Replace at least half the oil with applesauce. Also, if the cake calls for all white sugar, replace half of it with brown sugar.

Make sure you are measuring the dry ingredients properly, especially the flour. Spoon the flour loosely into the measuring cup, then level it off with the back edge of a knife. Don’t just use the measuring cup to scoop flour of the bag or the flour is too packed and you end up using too much.

When baking, set the kitchen timer for at least a few minutes less than the suggested baking time to make sure you don’t overbake. You can also get an inexpensive oven thermometer to check that your oven is heating properly. My last oven was always 25 degrees too hot and I had to adjust the oven temp accordingly. If you’re using a pan size other than the one called for in the recipe, you probably have to adjust the cooking time as well. For carrot cake in particular, a recipe that calls for canned pineapple tends to be more moist.

Finally, try to find a recipe that’s been reviewed by other bakers. I like because I can look for a recipe that’s highly rated, read the reviews, and see what changes worked best for other people before I try it myself.

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I like too! And I should have known about the applesauce by now; I’ve never tried it but , then, I never bake . LOL But the next time I do bake I will use applesauce. but then, why did my face break out after eating that moist carrot cake??

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