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Are you celebrating Cinco De Mayo?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) May 5th, 2011 from iPhone

Besides getting hammered?

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@noelleptc Like you need a reason?

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I’ll probably smoke a blunt tonight, but that’s about it. Horale.

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I could google it, but what is the holiday for?

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@noelleptc Good thing you didn’t, then.

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Oh, I always thought it was about five containers of mayonnaise.

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Not necessarily celebrating, I’m hoping the restaurant have some Tamales left by the time I get there.

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No, ironically we don’t really celebrate it.


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@bob_ But, you don’t look Mexican.

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Richie Valens’ brother was a bob.

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I wasn’t going to but right now the idea of getting hammered enought to see dead people seems like a good idea.

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I haven’t participated in a Cinco de Mayo celebtration since they made us dance folklórico in primary school. There is barely a blip about it in my community (which consists predominately of Mexican-Americans—it is as ironic as @bob_ mentions.)

Also, I don’t drink. So there’s that.

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No, why would I do that?

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At work one year when I was a spirit champion we did a spirit day on Cinco De Mayo with mexican type food and I even made a pinata of our companies logo filled with candy….. it was alot of fun we had alcohol free maragitas and all….. too bad it was bad in the 60’s where acohol in the workplace was the norm LOL then they could have been regular ones.

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No, but yesterday I celebrated Jedi Day. May the Fourth be with you.

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I’m not doing anything. The local high school is having a Cinco de Mayo dance, though. Tomorrow. Ironic, right?

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No. I stay indoors and off the roads if I can help it.

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Class doesn’t start until 1 P.M. for me on Fridays, so I think I can celebrate Drinko de Mayo….

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Yes and no. Today is my tenth anniversary, so I actually have a reason to celebrate. Then again, the wife has to work tonight, so I’ll have to hold off on the actual big celebration until the weekend.

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Margaritas at my house.

Though I have no idea what Cinco de Mayo is, but it’s a Mexican holiday and it gives me a legitimate excuse to drink.

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@KatetheGreat The Battle of Puebla happened on May 5, 1862.

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No. I don’t even like Mayo.

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It’s the day all the college kids like to pretend to identify with Mexican culture by mass-consuming taquitos and margaritas. Similar to “everybody’s Irish” on St. Patrick’s Day.

I like taquitos and margaritas every day so this is no special Thursday for me.

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>all the college kids
>all the college
>all the
Every. Single. One of them.

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I had salsa and guac for breakfast.

True story.

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I just ate a taco for dinner. Does that count? ;)

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Tried to get my spanish teacher to, but it didn’t work :T

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Nope. Or at least no differently than uno de Mayo, dos de Mayo, tres de Maoy, or quatro de Mayo…

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@bob_ – Sorry. I’m not fluent in Spanish.

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