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I'm so sick of _____?

Asked by erichw1504 (26420points) May 5th, 2011

What are you sick of? Fill in the blank and tell us jellies what your fed up, frustrated, down right done with!

Sick of politicians? Stupid commercials? People who smell like dirty socks?

I’m so sick of jellies who don’t take their time to answer my questions.

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lame jokes.

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Humans. Worst. Species. Ever.

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I’m getting a bit sick of so many people really wanting to see grisly photos of bin Laden’s corpse. Yucky.

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all this bad weather here in the States. Too much rain and storms.

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People using the term “really?” in place of “are you serious?”.

Kill it with fire!

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I’m with @erichw1504… I am seriously fed up with our freaky weather.

We’re having the latest spring EVER in all my dozen years of living in this gawdforsaken northern tundra. We’re a full 5 to 6 weeks behind (weather, plants) “normal” spring..which is later than the rest of the US already by 6 weeks.

We’ve had SNOW. In May. The trees barely have buds on them. We aren’t even reaching 70 degree temperatures.. the kids just walked out the door to walk to school – still having to wear their winter coats.

I know I should be grateful I haven’t lost my home to a tornado or flooding—but we lost our septic drain field to extreme high water tables due to the over-abundance of snow/rain…so the unusually wet spring is going to cost our family over $16,000 for a new septic system (we live on a wetlands, it’s a long story—suffice it to say the weather has a hand in this).

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Treading in chewing gum that’s been carelessly dicarded on the pavement, & having to navigate my way around the minefield of dog shit found around an ever growing radius near where I live.

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Nothing at the moment.

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men’s restrooms covered in water. Dane Cook once talked about this:

“I had to use a public restroom today. At the worst when you have to…GOD DAMMIT! You walk in, right? Here’s the first thing, I don’t care, anywhere in the country you go, why, when you walk into a public restroom, why is everything fucking wet? Right? There’s puddles, water’s all over the counters, it’s dripping like you’re in a fucking cave!”

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I’m so sick of rightwing politicians who feel that women wanting abortions need to be given moralistic lessons about their bodies.

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…the phrase, “You have balls.” Yes, I understand that it is usually said as a compliment, but honestly, can’t there be something more specific to the situation than that?

@ucme I’m with you on the gum/dog poo. It’s the same in our little part of England.

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unsolicited farts.

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But solicited farts are OK? “Hey, @mowens , how ‘bout giving us one of those great farts of yours?” ;-)

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yeah, @mowens. Regale us with a fart solo! My grandpa used to call it an “organ recital”

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Thinking @mowens is about to develop a rep…

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Oh, oh, oh! Can you do the theme to Full House @mowens?

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“I’m so sick of me, being sick of you” -Adelitas Way

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It would be my pleasure to fart on many a jelly.

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Myself. Today at least :/

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Being tired and not being able to catch up enough to not be tired. :P

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noise. internal and external.

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Certain celebrities (Katie Price, Kerry Katona and Cheryl Cole come to mind) and people that are convinced that everything is a conspiracy (I don’t need a picture to believe that Bin Laden is dead but even if they did release the picture I am sure that people would still think it was a hoax.)

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hearing about Lindsay Lohan’s life.

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Angry, hateful, political status updates on Facebook.

And cleaning my damn house. I want a maid already. :(

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Pet stores that sell animals from horrible breeders. I went on a god-awful rescue mission yesterday and some people should be shot.

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-the way we treat each other and our planet
-fundamental religious belief

erichw1504's avatar

people who don’t act their age!

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having to be responsible
being insatiable
ignorant, hateful people
people who scare my cat
bad Christians
New Jersey
having problems
hot girls who only like boys

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I’m so sick of those who complain about others being judgemental, denying that they themselves are judgemental.

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Drama queens.

erichw1504's avatar

this commercial. I swear I’ve seen it for the past two months at least 5 times a night.

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Listening to people swoon about the Royal Wedding. A) We are Americans, who gives a crap? B) Two privileged, spoiled, rich children spending exhorbitant amounts of money on a wedding when the world is in recession and at a crisis? Tacky! C) People referring to them as though they are friends. I.E. “William whispered to Kate something at the altar…so romantic!”

That about sums it up.

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people who look down on others for not reading books

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Geez, @erichw1504 Thanks for sharing the link to the most irritating commercial. I’ll bet you like to ask other people to “taste this milk and tell me if its gone bad” too.

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Right now I’m sick of hearing about Bin Laden.

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school. I’m glad I got through my first year of college, but right now I’d rather be outside having fun instead of studying for my last two finals.

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How did I forget about school? I’m always complaining about that. Me too @etignotasanimum

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@Blueroses Haha, yeah. I do that all the time.

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I knew it

I’m sick of people leaving one ice cube in the tray so they don’t have to refill it. Or one square on the tp roll. Grrr.

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hearing about Donald Trump.

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Politics! It seems every issue in community (local and national) is ruled by politics, not common sense. And the corruption is running rampant.

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Talk radio personalities intoning like they’re Andy Rooney. Talk radio makes me insane and twitchy after just a few minutes of listening. Something about it sets me off time/pace, gives me an idea how some people end up “going postal”.

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Game questions.

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Record breaking heat here yesterday, and we all know the fallout from that.

Pet fur.

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The MILF who lives next to RUSSIA and shoots wolves from planes.

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Fox News

And now I need a shower

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Competitive Christians

I actually overheard this conversation last night: “She said we were shithole Christians.” “Why?” “She said good Christians don’t say, ‘Crap’.”

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@6rant6 You talking about the Lady Alaska?

I am sick of not being qualified to join the military and fight for all those things that make me sick.

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The theft alarm on my neighbor’s new car. Next time it goes off for 15 solid minutes, I’m crossing the street, smashing his window and stealing his stereo. See if I don’t.

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@josie That’s funny… when I used to jump into the river off of a rope in a tree, instead of yelling “geronimo!” I would just yell “kill whitey!!”

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@6rant6 @Facade @anyoneelsewhosaidsomethingaboutit,Igottiredoflooking “Religion is like a penis. It’s fine to have one and it’s fine to be proud of it, but please don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around… and PLEASE don’t try to shove it down anyone’s throat without asking first!”

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The people who get hot and bothered over stupid political subjects that will never matter in the long run.

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People calling commenting on videos saying “stop acting black” there is no such thing as acting black. It´s just ignorance!

OSAMA BIN LADEN, (he´s such a burden)


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@erichw1504 people who don’t act their age!
So… you’re sick of yourself? ;P

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People judging people based on skin color
Living in fear of terrorists

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Flip flops when it’s snowing.

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Fat People that has no reason to be Fat.

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I yelled “Geronimo”. I would have felt stupid yelling “Kill Whitey”

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Stupid, self-absorbed people who think they can do no wrong while doing plenty of it.

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…too many things to list in one sentence.

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People who think their “shit dont’ stink”.

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@WillWorkForChocolate But. But….it doesn’t!

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LOL ladies. Lurve you guys! (((hugs)))

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@ladymia69 @josie That’s funny… when I used to jump into the river off of a rope in a tree, instead of yelling “geronimo!” I would just yell “kill whitey!!”

You’re my hero hahahaa.

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@josie Damn…well, that’s original. ~

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I’m so sick of bills.

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People who complain ALL the time. I try to avoid them.

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New answer: Jellies whose morals and politics I find reprehensible that jump into my threads when I am talking about something that really disgusts me. They just fight for the other side and I end up leaving my own thread.

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Cheap cologne…

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“Ya know?” “It’s like. . .” And then I go. . . and he goes. . .” “Know what I mean?”

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@Sunny2 no…like… y’know…dunno what you mean…mate,,,, you get me?

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@queenie Did you just say something?

MilkyWay's avatar

@Sunny2 who, me? (whistles)

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I’m sick of hearing politicians throw around the phrase “The American People…”

“The American People want (or don’t want) such and such”. So manipulative.

Sounds like: “I’ve been carefully monitoring a broad cross-section of public opinion, and am bringing my policy goals into harmony with the public consensus. If you don’t agree, then you must be out of step with the real Americans”

Actually means: “Here’s the agenda of my key supporters.”

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