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If you could ask Barack Obama one question, in person, what would that be?

Asked by ucme (50031points) May 5th, 2011

Could be something topical, not hard to decipher what that might be. Or a question you’ve always wanted to ask him. Maybe nothing to do with his “day job” perhaps a more personal question about his likes & dislikes. Whatever, just as long as the responses are creative, interesting or just plain funny.

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Has anyone ever pulled on your enormous ears inside the white house?

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How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

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Has your half-sister mentioned in your book changed her very negative view of Germany?

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Why Do Fools Fall In Love and Do You Believe In Magic?

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Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

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What’s the catch?

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Who’s your favorite superhero?

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Was being elected president worth the aggravation?

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Do you sometimes feel like the black janitor cleaning up after the messy frat party of the last president?

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I would ask:

Mr. President, It has been suggested that the US has known about Bin Laden’s whereabouts for quite some time and that the reason the raid took place when it did was due to some WikiLeaks content that would have informed Bin Laden that the trusted courier had been identified. This implies that the United States had the necessary information to capture/eliminate Bin Laden for quite some time but were waiting for the right moment.

In the absence of WikiLeaks information what would you have picked as the right time and how does that tie in with the 2012 election cycle?

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@YoBob DAAAAAAAMMMNNN! Somebody needs to ask him that question, now!

<~ After he’s done playing Playstation of course.

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Why do you favor the Political State over the sovereign individual as a basis for social and economic organization?
If he gave me some sort of bullshit answer, I would ask if he REALLY quit smoking, or if he still sneaks a cigarette when his wife in not looking.

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How do you deal when people hate you or you come across a nasty comment about you?

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‘People love a conspiracy for the same reason they love to believe in God. They want big answers to their tiny problems.’

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Boxers or briefs?

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Do have a PlayStation or a Wii?

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Who’s better, Kirk or Picard?

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McDonald’s or Burger King?

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Em, where are the White House toilets?

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What happened to having the health care debate that was supposed to be in the open on cspan? Transparency?

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What do you really think about capitalism?

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Who do you think would win in a game of buckets between Michelle and Sarah Palin?

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Could my Little brother date your daughter?

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If you succeed in Bankrupting America in your first term, what would be your goal for your second term?

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How are you holding up, sweetie? Are you okay?

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What’s your favorite dish that the WH chefs make for you?

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How do you feel about people always wanting to ask “gotcha” questions rather than having a legitimate discussion about possible differences of opinion?

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@Jeruba, awww… you are so sweet. I think if he showed up for a cup of tea at my house that would be the conversation too. Did you see any of the White House Correspondents Dinner this year? The Donald was in the audience and they kept cutting to him for a reaction. Funny stuff.

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Hi Mr President great to meet you….....Do you feel vindicated and truly,deeply happy without fear of reprisal or come back that you “roasted” that guy Donald Trump spectacularly, especially using the Lion King as a prop???

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