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With the fun of final exams approaching do we have any college students (or for that matter anyone) stressing and in need of a place to let off some steam?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36550points) May 5th, 2011

I have a nephew trying to prepare for college final exams, and I remember the experience well. It can be pretty stressful. For anyone out there facing the same challenge would you like to take some time out to vent or otherwise share your thoughts? I thought maybe an open forum for destressing might help. Or if you need to talk I’ll volunteer some of my time when I’m on here. You may PM me if you like. Anyone one else willing to volunteer a few minutes of your time?

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I have two exams down and one to go, so far they’ve gone all right. What’s keeping me going is the thought of next Thursday; I’ll be free for the whole summer to do whatever I want :D

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My heart goes out to any one stressing about finals…I only have one this semester, and it’s open book, so I’m pretty chill…what goes around comes around, though…last semester I studied for something like 30 hours for my final…

Good luck everybody!

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Most of us are done or almost done with finals for college. Finals for high schoolers, however, are right around the corner.

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We must be on different schedules…or some may do trimesters instead of semesters…but my final is still 10 days away…

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Oh, by the way my exams aren’t finals, they’re only first year exams, so I’m not overly worried about them as long as I pass…sorry didn’t realise the question was so specific! :)

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What do you want to teach @lemming?

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I have “finals” every 5 weeks as that’s how my classes are set up– a final project at the end of each class. Luckily it was a team project and we got it done a week early. It’s nice of you to be concerned though =)

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Finals? I’m still getting through pesky sixth-week midterm examinations. I was up into the wee hours of the night writing up four single-page papers for my Modern Drama course. I don’t have time to think about the upcoming fall registration, let alone finals week and graduation. Oh dear, graduation. I feel so old.

Anyway, to relieve the stress (and celebrate my significant other’s birthday) we will be going to Disneyland next weekend with my siblings. Woohoo :)

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I’m fairly lucky because I only have two finals I have to attend. I’m a little nervous for my Spanish final on Saturday, but the way I see it, I either know the grammar rules, or I don’t. There’s not really a way that I could magically learn something that’s confused me for the entire semester in two days, you know?
I guess the one that I’m mostly stressed about is my English take home exam. It’s a two part-er, and I have the first one done. The second is an essay and the professor gave us a list of prompts to choose from, but none are really that inspiring. I hope I think of something brilliant to say….

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Yes. Know anywhere?

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I have five, four more coming up…. I just did an exciting EU law exam today and have a Tort exam coming up in a couple weeks… Contract right after that…. shudder. Bring on June 7th when I will have a few precious months to not think about law!

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High School Finals are around the corner for me….

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First year out of school, no finals! Woo-hoo! But I remember last year at this time when I was just getting into Fluther I posted a question for moral support during finals, and felt the Jelly lurve.

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I’m about to start revising for a psychology exam mid-June and have decided to give myself a few days off before finishing my last assignment (because I got in a really bad place with it all this week!) and then plunging headlong into studies, whilst also remembering that through the process of revision I will need to give myself little treats and rest time. Good luck to everyone who has exams coming up xxx

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@yankeetooter Sorry didn’t see your question, I want to teach French to secondary school students, thats high school if you’re American :)

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