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What is your opinion of going to college online, and how did you form it?

Asked by Facade (22899points) May 5th, 2011

Just wondering.

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I tried it, but it didn’t feel right to me. I didn’t like not seeing anyone and not being in a classroom. I also went to Phoenix, which had a bad reputation for being a diploma mill and deceiving people to attend there. I don’t know if I would go to places like Ashford and Phoenix, but an online program from Oregon State, for example, would be more credible.

Now I’ve just decided to attend the community college in my area.

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I actually go to Phoenix now, and you’re probably right about them. But at least I’ll have a degree!
I never thought about online programs from credible universities…

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@Facade I’d hope, in the big picture, it wouldn’t matter anyway.

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I have taken some online courses in the past. It was nice not having to drive to campus, and being able to do one’s assignments any time of the day or night, but I still prefer taking “in person” classes. I like interacting with the other students and the professor, and it’s not the same just chatting online. Also, for some of the more difficult classes I’ve taken, I would not have done as well without having the help of the professor to get me through.

Another feature of online classes is that you have to be more self disciplined. Work is usually due by a set time every week, and no one is there to remind you to get your assignments in.

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I completed my Bachelor’s in Nursing through my college’s (University of Delaware) online program. I really liked the online program because I could watch lectures and do the work on my own timeline. I really missed being in the classroom though. I am skeptical about some online places because of the issues in the past with their degrees not being recognized. It seems like a lot of that has been taken care of recently though with more people becoming aware of what they need to look into (like accreditation).

I think online programs can be very beneficial. When I go back for my Master’s (and possibly PhD) in nursing, I’ll probably do some online and some in person (just because I miss the in person stuff).

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I’m excited to start it come 2012, I think it’s a fantastic medium. In the past I have taken online classes for work related stuff and thought it was fantastic to be able to go at my own pace, see logs of progress/improvement/target areas, etc. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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I think that taking a few classes online is probably a good thing. I can’t imagine getting a whole degree that way, though. Somehow I doubt employers see it the same way they see a traditional degree. Also, I think a big part of college is the social aspect of it; College teaches more than just academics.

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This is an interesting question. I have never known anyone hired at our company who received an online undergraduate degree. I know several with online graduate degrees.

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Just for the record, there is nothing on my transcript or degree that actually states ‘online’ and since it’s from the University of Delaware, the only way anyone would know is if I told them. So while I can see it being possible that someone might hold it against you if they knew for sure you had done an online program (such as Phoenix and those that are strictly online), if you get it from a regular college/university there isn’t any difference in the degree you get (at least not from any that I’ve seen).

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Great question!!! I think it should be considered, especially in today’s day and age. However I do find a flaw in higher education that is for-profit.

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Online education is much much better for those who can’t afford to get admission as a regular student or are unable to attend classes regularly. In most if the cases the Online colleges are authentic and provides reliable study material as well as degree programs that can help a person in his future. After all a degree matters and if some one is passionate about a particular course, he or she would take equal interest as they would have taken in a regular class. Virtual classes doesn’t mean to fool you. In fact, universities take proactive steps in providing quality education to their virtual students. There are many online colleges like Art Institute of Pittsburgh that could certainly help people change their negative thinking about the online education which indeed is a wonderful way of delivering value to those who are keen to receive education through electronic media.

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