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Do you have someone in your life that you can tell everything to?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33241points) May 5th, 2011

It might be your priest, or it might be your mother. Do you have someone to whom you can unburden yourself holding nothing back?

It might be your doctor or therapist. Perhaps you have a friend for life like that.

Who is it for you?

If you don’t have someone like that in your life, would you like one? Or how do you cope? Or are you fine without one?

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Yes. I have a few friend to whom I can talk about any secret I might have.

I can share any though that crosses my mind ^^

But sometimes I don’t “use” them for sharing.

All should have a person like this in their life.

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No I don’t have one person that I tell everything apon to, I don’t want anyone to be overwhelemed of so much emotions and secrets I have, I have 4 or 5 people that I tell little by little. If I was gone one day, I hope they get together and connect the dots. Those all 4 or 5 people of something against each other. My dissappearance would bring them back to get answers.

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No. I’m not much of a “sharer” anyway.

The small amount of stuff I do share gets dispersed to different people so that no one has enough to put everything together. What’s the fun of someone knowing every single thing?

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I always thought I did…but lately I have things on my mind that I feel I can’t share with anybody…and I wish that weren’t so…

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Yeah, I can think of 3 good friends who hear all the details, no matter how juicy, gory, or totally mundane. I talk to each of them every day unless there’s some good reason not to.

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@Randy : you asked what the fun might be in having someone know every single thing. I don’t think “fun” is the right word for what it gives me. I have about 3 people in my life to whom I can tell anything and know that they will not judge me but love me. I know that I have unconditional love from these people.

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No one really. I’m cool with that. Some things are better left in the dark anyway.

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I can tell my husband anything and everything. There are other people in my life I could talk about a lot of things with, but there are some things that I’d probably not share with them.

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I have one that knows me, warts and all. I know all of her warts as well, it’s very freeing. I am comforted to know that someone loves me even through all the icky stuff that everyone has in their soul. She knows stuff that I haven’t even shared with KatawaGrey.

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Yes. And I met him on Fluther. =]

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No, and I don’t really want anyone like that, either.

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My sister and my best friend. There are some things that I’ve tole one but not the other, but they both know me well enough that if I haven’t yet told them about it, they can generally figure it out themselves. It’s really nice, but sometimes a little annoying.

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Should I choose to, I have several. Usually I do some kind of edit because I can be fascinating for only so much of the time.

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Only one person. He’s the only one who knows my deepest darkest secrets and the only one I’m comfortable telling them to.

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Yes, my fiancée. We met each other as adults with experiences, regrets, lessons learned and a bit of baggage. I don’t think we’d made it through to this point of coming into a positive and strong place if we hadn’t been able to come clean, open up and make a game plan of how to maximize what’s left of our futures. Of course, I don’t think I have near the skeletons of some people my age so it seems easier for me to have relative transparency.

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My best friend. I’ve known her all my life and she lives down the same street as me so I see her all the time; we’re so close, we’re like sisters. I could tell her everything, and I know she’d understand, never judge, and offer good advice. I trust her with my life, never mind my secrets and worries. I’d be lost without her.

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Nope, nobody like that for me. But that’s fine, because even if there was a person I knew I could tell everything to, there’s some stuff I just wish to keep to myself. In essence, I’m cheating at this answer. I have one friend who I could probably tell anything to, and I go to her when I feel like sharing something private or awkward or whatever.

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My mother and then also one of my friends who lives in DK, so if I tell her something its usually through Skype ;)
I tell these people EVERYTHING

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Yes, I do. But I can’t tell you who they are.

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I have four at the moment. All of them have met me in the last three or four years. All of them have the kind of understanding of me that comes from having had similar experiences. We have a bond because of that. So far, I have been telling them all everything. Holding nothing back. I have lived with shit stuffed inside me for years, and it made me miserable.

Being able to let people know how awful complex I am is a great relief. Also, it really helps that we admire each other, despite all the things we have done that most people would find disgraceful. I guess all of us have these incredible burdens of shame, and knowing that is what allows us to let down our guards. The other person can’t point a finger at me without pointing that same finger at themselves.

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No. It’s impossible to find someone whom I can share where I buried my ill gotten wealth, bwa ha ha ha ha!

For my serious answer, still NO. I have close friends who knew almost every dark secret I have but there are one or two secrets that I haven’t shared yet with anybody. Maybe someday when I’m old and dying I’ll just scoot over somebody sitting in a park bench one sunny day and just blurt it out without even saying Hi…maybe he’ll run maybe he won’t, but I’ll be grinning…

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Well, the wife knows just about all there is to know about me, but i’m all for a few little secrets scattered about the place. Keeps the adventure going see :¬)

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That I can, yes. That I do, no.

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No. That hasn’t been the case since I was about 25. Life has just been too complicated since then. Or maybe my secrets are just too boring.

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No/ not yet. Every time they catch a glimpse of the other side of me they tend to back off a bit, so I’ve stopped trying, but who knows, maybe one day I’ll find someone I’m comfortable with sharing and is willing to watch listen and learn about me

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I had a friend to whom I could tell anything and she would keep my confidences. She was accepting and non judgmental, but offered sensible perspectives if I was overly worried about something. Unfortunately, she died and I miss her greatly. I don’t know if I’ll ever find such a friend again. I find it difficult to share my fears and insecurities.

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I am blessed with a spouse who is also my best friend, we tell each other everything. It’s a great feeling to know that there is someone to whom you can tell anything and they love you just the same anyway.

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Yes I do, and I do, gladly.

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No. I’m an intensely private person(which I’m slowly trying to change). I do have people that I talk to, but my deepest, darkest thoughts stay locked inside.

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No. I’m too worried about my social structure, and feel that some things can be dealt by my decisions.

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I am very, very lucky to have a sister I trust completely and to be married to a man who knows all of my secrets and loves me anyway. Since I have
had my sister around as long as I can remember it is actually
quite difficult for me to
imagine what is would be like
without someone like that in
my life.

@Allie lurve because your answer made me smile! :)

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My wife of 45 years. We have no secrets.

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My wife of almost 4 years. We have no secrets. : )

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My cat of just over three years. We have no secrets either, although his are more interesting than mine.

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@gailcalled that seems a tad creepy… but I’m giving you a GA.

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I probably do. I am not sure because I have never tried to tell everything to only one person. But the question is why would I want to tell someone everything about myself?
I have no need, desire, or interest in having such a person in my life. I have no burdens to unload or even share, I’m light as a feather. There is some stuff that I don’t talk about period.
The way it works for me is I tell different things to different people if I think that they relate to it in some way or that they show interest. What I would like though is someone who’d be interested in talking about the things I like to talk about, I need that more than a confidant.

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I do and I have! They are the best people ever! ;)

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Yes, I do. She knows all my deep, dark secrets and still likes me anyway.

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I tell most of my stuff to someone leaving out certain parts. Not one person knows everything though.

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