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What are things in your life you consider tolerating since it's a lesser evil and what is that great evil?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26236points) May 5th, 2011

People have been experiencing good things as much as bad things in their lives and oftentimes we have to compromise, accepting things we don’t necessarily like only because realistically there is no other option. We then soften our disappointments, justify our acquiescence by referring to it as “the lesser evil”.

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I nearly always think voting is a matter of choosing the lesser evil.

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The evils of the media are less than the price of not having a free media.

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Currently going through a long and difficult surgical process; the greater evil is the disease it cured.

In general, spending time in hospitals is sucky but way better than not getting treatment at all.

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My mother-in-law’s passive-aggressive behavior. Greater evil is family drama.

Have to agree with @bobbinhood about voting.

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Election 2004 . . . and DEFINITELY election 2000.

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I tolerate my low pay because I work somewhere with excellent working conditions and great stability.

I tolerate economically inept politicians because I don’t want our nation to pass anti-gay, pro-life, pro-Big Business laws.

I tolerate paying >$4/gallon for gas because I have to get to work somehow, and I am not walking 23 miles.

I tolerate my wife’s occasional mood swings because she is awesome.

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@jerv I love the last one.

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It was working for two people at different times that sorely lacked good management skills. In both instances, the job was good overall, so I put up with it until a better opportunity came along. At that point in my career, having a job, albeit an unhappy one, was the lesser evil as compared to not working at all.

Both managers were eventually fired; one after I left and one while I was still there. Occasionally, I look for their status on the internet. In my heart, I believe that they had the right intentions and didn’t realize the damage that they were doing to not only the business, but to employees’ lives. I hope that they both landed on their feet.

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The killing of dictators.

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