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Will you 10K- ers help cazzie with her bags to the 10K mansion?

Asked by MilkyWay (13705points) May 5th, 2011

Okay you bigheaded hardworking 10Kers. You’ve got a new mansion buddy
: D.

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A hearty Hawaiian “Ho’omaikai!” to you. Here have a coconut with a little umbrella in it. :)~

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Congrats! You are a welcome addition to the collection.

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Congratulations Cazzie!!

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A Biggggggggggg Congratulations to @cazzie for making to 10k!!!!!!

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Wow, @cazzie! Well done, you funny kiwi bird, you!

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Mazel Tov @cazzie!

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Congratulations Cazzie. Fantastic achievement from a cousin from over the Tasman.

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Most excellent, Cazzie! CONGRATULATIONS!!

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Congrats Cazzie. You too AmWiser.

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Congratulations Cazzie!

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HooRay! Cazzie…You..Me…We are da bomb!
CONGRATULATIONS! And o/\o high fives.o/\o o/\o o/\o!

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Cazzie – babe – wassup? I ♥ you! Congratulations!

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See you in Mansion party room. What kind of music do you like?

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Congrats!!!! 10k hooray!!!!

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Cheers @cazzie, keep up the good work! :D

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Congratulations! You worked very hard to get to this point! WOOHOO!

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Congrats :)

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Congo Rats and WTFG! Take a bow!

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Geez, how many bags have you got!?

Let’s get you settled in so the party can begin! Congrats, @cazzie!

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Congratulations! I hope you like your room in the mansion. It’s got Egyptian cotton sheets, mints on the pillow and a machine that doles out hot nacho cheese, just in case you get one of those urges in the middle of the night.

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That was pretty quick. Congrats. Job well done.

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Congrats Cazzie! I always enjoy your posts!!

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Woo Hoo this glass of bubbly is for you!
Looks like I uncorked the bottle just in the nick of time.

Champagne and Pomegranate juice cocktails on the house!

Party on! :-)

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@Coloma scuse me but…“Champagne and Pomegranate juice cocktails” sounds gross. Just sayin’...

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congratulations, @cazzie!

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Sing to the tune of Angela Bofill’s “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter”

Cazzie can’t you see
What having you has done to me
Not the same site I used to be
Since you came and stayed
I had the best days of my life
Please never leave be by my side

Stay with me and I’ll guarantee
All the great answers you’ll ever need

( Chorus )
This time I’ll be sweeter
There’s no need to Tweeter
I won’t mess around
No virus brings me down

Have faith in me
Have faith in me

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Roger that. I’ll carry any bags @cazzie wants help with. Overnight bags, makeup bags, grocery bags, enema bage. Just name it. :-)

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Hey! Congrats on the 10 grand!

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Haha, well.. a splash of the P. juice is kinda good, actually. I’m a risk taker, Try it, you might like it! ;-)

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@Coloma I would love to have one of your pomegranate cocktails.

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My pleasure, come on over my darling! :-)

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Congrats Cazzie! Well done. :)

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Well Done!!!

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Congratulations, @cazzie! A very real achievement!

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Congrats! (can’t say that I know much about you. I haven’t noticed your posts. Where in the hell have I been? :)).

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Late again—you can count on me to be the last one on the party bus. Congratulations, Cazzie! I think you’re lookin’ snazzy in the mansion!

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Late again as well. Really like your posts and how you work with the young uns on school answers. Great job and well deserved.

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10,000 Congratulations

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Oh, hey, welcome aboard.

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Congratulations on your achievement! This calls for a toast!

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hjertelig til lykke

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I’m only 3 days late: Congratulations @cazzie!!!

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I missed it! Hope I’m not toooooo late :) Way to go Cazzie!

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