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Name for a Superhero?

Asked by h1ghv0lt4g3z (4points) May 5th, 2011

with super speed, able to fly, telikinesis and walk through walls

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She wears a pink outfit

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Super GOOSE!

Able to scale tall buildings in a single bound, secret projectile poo to ward off enemies with bio-goose juice. Beak power of 200 PSI and able to render the biggest, strongest man a weeping infant upon being goosed by said beak. Comes from the Planet Corn and can topple a Wonder Bread truck in 0.5 seconds and share the bounty with less fortunate goslings everywhere.

Wears a blue silk cape with the initials SG

By day, masquerades as an unassuming micro-farm pet.

Based on my real, live, Super Goose.

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Ryan Hall. He runs like a god! A couple of weeks ago he ran the famed Boston Marathon in 2:04:58 (4:45 minute per mile average pace). That’s faster than any American (or non-African) runner has ever run a marathon. Check out this video of Ryan Hall working out

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How about Betty Swollocks! “She’s the gal I want to be”…....sung in the style of the Bee Gees

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Antimatter. Does not matter what he can do, he is still better than Superman and does
not wear weird boots or his underwear over his pants.

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